Wednesday 7 May 2014

My First Day in America

Today we officially kickstart my travelogue from America...

We landed at the LAX Airport at 2.30 pm after a long journey of 24 hours+.
But by the time, we reached our Hotel, it was 6 pm. We were dead tired.
We freshened up a bit and literally crawled into our bed.
We were tired but couldn't sleep.
I should I have known better.

After hours of wriggling under our sheets, it was time for our tummies to wriggle too.

So we decided to go to the nearest place to grab a bite.
And since husband is the Biggest Self Proclaimed Fan of Taco Bell, we had to go there.
This is what my first meal in the USA looked like.
Mexican Pizza, Crispy Potato Soft Tacos and Chalupa.

This was my first time at Taco Bell, and I have to admit I am not a big fan.

Anyways, this is what I wore for dinner.

I managed to click myself before I could wrap myself with heaps of wool.
It was freezing but I had to wear this Polka Dot Baby.
The white polka dot scarf is actually the extra sleeve fabric of another sleeveless polka dot dress I own.
I couldn't throw it away and used it as a scarf.

What do you think?


  1. Very cute dress and I've never been to Taco Bell so have no idea if I like it or not! x
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  2. Have a wonderful time there, Aditi :)

  3. I love your outfit. I always fall for polka dots.The food looks yummy. I loved tacos coz I could find veggie food there :)

  4. Super dress.plz click ur full pic with face.let us see beautiful girl too.

  5. hey u look superb in this polka dot dress!! why does this blogger always hide her face ?? :)

  6. nice dress... do keep sharing your experiences there! :)

  7. Enjoy your stay in America. That is a lovely dress by the way. Expecting more posts from there.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  8. loved ur polka dot dress n scarf
    waiting for more outfit posts

  9. Very pretty polka dot scarf your look Aditi .

  10. I love your dress
    do we follow?
    let me know
    I'll follow you back
    new post:

  11. thats a cute dress:)

  12. That polka dot dress is to die for Aditi.. <3 <3

    Have Fun in the US.. !! :) :)

  13. I just love all your posts! You pour so much thought into each and every one. I just read the previous one and I loved the outfit. Also, that pizza looks yummy. Jet lags are so not fun and after all that look at you! I LOVE this dress and how you wore it. Looking forward to read more about the trip.

    Have a great day!

    ~ Seepz



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