Friday 2 May 2014

So-Saree in America....!

Finally I found some time to sort my pics from the US Trip and starting May, I will be blogging exclusively about My First Trip to the USA.
I wouldn't be surprised if you would be totally disinterested..
But you know this trip being my first was special for me and I want to document it as much as possible.

I couldn't travel much or sight-see as I was working during weekdays. But husband made sure that we did our best during weekends, even if that meant sleeping for a meager 3-4 hours during the weekend and reporting to work directly from the airport on Mondays.

Hope you enjoy these series, as much as I enjoyed this trip.


  1. I can't wait to read your travelogue. These pictures look amazing and it would be fun to see the pics from your trip here, Aditi! The saree in the picture here looks so beautiful. :)

    ~ Seepz

  2. I am dying to know more about this fact I have been waiting for the pics since u came bac :)

  3. I'd love to see more posts about your trip because I've never been to America! x
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  4. So looking forward to your US trip blogs :)
    Happy Weekend

  5. It is always interesting to travel out of country.. it is a big deal for most of us.. flaunt it :)
    Such wonderful pictures!

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    1. Hello
      Forgot to give the link

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  6. I am eager to read about this! And really waiting to seeyour pics in that black, white and yellow saree ;-)

  7. hope u enjoyed.. and nice pics ..xoxo



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