Friday 20 June 2014

So-Saree Readers Speak - Dhriti

Our next Reader to share her love for So-Saree is Dhriti Harpalani.
Hi Aditi,
I visited your blog (again) today with an intention of getting an inspiration :) Since quite a few days I am planning to start writing. But I think, I am not yet there. I think I am in the process of making up my mind ;) That day will come soon - I guess am too lazy to start.

Moreover I loved your blog posts that I have read so far and that made me write an email to you :) I saw the polka dots nail art on the blog and thought of sharing a few pictures of my nail art I did a few years ago :)
I thought of emailing you about my thoughts after reading your blog. Thanks for being an inspiration!
And this is me in a saree playing cricket. :)
If you thought walking in a saree was tough, draw some inspiration from Dhriti, who's playing cricket in a saree. How cool is that!!!

Thanks Dhriti for all the kind words. And I love your nail art too. It's simple and elegant, and easily do-able.
I thank you for inspiring my readers as well as me.

And thank you once again for following So-Saree.


  1. As I always say Aditi, you are the best! Such a beautiful way to start my day :)
    See what you have given birth to -

    Yayy! Finally I have started blogging :) Lots of love to you, Aditi :)

  2. Dhariti looks beautiful in saree, and playing cricket in it, too cute
    I cannt even imagine, I can hardly mange saree onn..
    Those I love sarees and I feel they are the sexiest
    Hope to see Dhriti wiring her own blog soon
    I am inviting you to enter my 50 euro Divissima giveaway
    Keep in touch

  3. Love the colour combo of Dhriti's saree. And she is amazing at nail art!
    And playing cricket in a saree. Very inspiring and totally cute :)
    New post up!

  4. Such a beautiful colorful saree!
    It is so colorful. Saree is surely an elegant clothing <3
    Do add me via GFC! I would love to add you back :)

  5. Her Saree is beautiful and kudos to her playing cricket in a saree. I love your new blog layout, Aditi. Thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog.

    Have a good day!
    ~ Seepz

  6. Love the post Aditi,, she looks absolutely stunning in the saree :)

    Lots of Love.



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