Friday 6 June 2014

So-Saree at Huntington Beach!

The long drive at Pismo Beach had tired us. (read husband, coz he drove for more than 8 hours bothway, while I was dozing off beside him.)
So we decided to take Sunday a little lighter, and visit nearby places.
Our first stop - Huntington Beach.
My freezing experience at the Pismo Beach had made me wiser. So I was at the beach, dressed like an eskimo, surrounded by people dressed in their tinniest of swim wear. (sigh)

When you are in California you are in Beach Heaven. Every beach is so beautiful, so serene, so soothing....And Huntington Beach was no different.
Go ahead and see for yourself.
Yes..I actually did that..! (silly grin)


  1. You are a great writer . Love how you explain the journey. Thanks for all your sweet comments.
    Maybe i should learn from you since am very lazy with posting comments :)


  2. The beach is just fablous, u gave California perfect name
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  3. Amazing!!! :)
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  4. cool!!

  5. love the pier :) the color of the water resembles that of Mumbai...dont u think?? kudos to you for writing so much on the sand :)

  6. Beautiful! Love the sign on the beach :-)

  7. beautiful photographs!



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