Sunday 1 June 2014

So-Saree at Pismo Beach - Part 3

We are back to Our America Series....After a short break.

After catching up on some mid air fun, it was time to have some rash driving fun.
Oh no..I am not propagating driving rashly on the roads.

But if you are at Pismo Beach and you do not ride some mean ATV's (All Terrain Vehicles), you are probably missing a lot.
This was again my first time riding an ATV, and though I was reluctant and scared in the beginning, I took over in no time.

Driving ATV's on the sand dunes alongside Pismo Beach in the freezing and windy weather was a one of a kind experience.
Our vehicles kept on sinking deep in the sand and we kept falling off.
But this is the most fun, I have had in a long long time.
See You Soon Pismo..!

We called it a day with some yummy Thai food at Bunn Thai Bistro.                                 
 The ambiance was gorgeous, the staff was pleasant and the food was good, and though the desert was a winner hands down, it was the company of good friends that made our day even more memorable.
Table napkins: Love the presentation
The Hero: Fried Banana Balls with Ice Cream.


  1. I love that you travel so much. and do these exciting things.

  2. hey thats like quad biking right!! cool post :) waiting for more :)

  3. Loved it the way you have written :) It was fun reading it and re-living those days spent with you :)

  4. I am yet to try quad biking but it sounds like so much fun and Thai bistros are the best! I find their food really comforting and home like for some reason. :) Your travel posts are so much fun to read, Aditi!

    ~ Seepz

  5. Ooh wow! That looks like a wonderful experience :) You sure had fun! And I love Thai food .. yum!

  6. Lucky you..Looks like a lot of fun.. <3




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