Wednesday 16 July 2014

#DateWithDiamonds In a Saree

Hello Everyone.

I hope you have already read my post for Kama Jewellery's Blogger Event.
If not read it here.
This event also included a contest for bloggers, where we were supposed to name the collection. The blog with the maximum votes wins.
I named the new collection -
Indrani - For The Goddess In You.
So if you have liked the name, please make sure you visit this link and vote for me. ;)

Now that my agenda for this post is complete, we can indulge in some vague talk. ;)

People have always asked me, why I never post pics of myself, and why I do not do outfit posts.
I generally tossed this question, because I had never really given it a thought, until now.

So after some pondering, this is what I have realized.
I am not a fashionable person. I cannot keep a tab on trends and emulate them in my wardrobe. I still struggle when I have to put an outfit together. 

But the blog world has helped me, nurtured me, enriched me in a way, I could have only imagined. And slowly and gradually you will see me sharing pictures of my outfits on this blog. Till then, please bear with  me and my blabberring.

That is also, why wearing a saree comes easy to me. The elegance and panache that a saree presents is uncomparable. You need no accessories, you need no styling. You can just wear it with confidence and a smile, to rock it. 

And so, very predictably, I chose to wear a saree to the Kama Event.
This is one of my favorite sarees, which I bought almost 5 years ago. It is a printed pure silk saree in monochrome. I teamed this saree with a pearl set and I was good to go.

Let me know, what you think about my outfit.
I am sure you have caught the glimpses of it on my FB page and Twitter, but for those who haven't we have it here on the blog.

Have a Good Day. :)

P.S. Pics 1,2,4 were clicked by Rosh of Everything That Clicks. Thank you so much girl. I owe you big time. :)


  1. i have voted. im sure you will win. your choice of name is soo perfect. i wanted to name my daughter the same:)

  2. you are looking gorgeous Aditi :) beautiful saree :) n I love ur well manicured hands :) I can never maintain them :(

  3. Loved this black and white Saree! Very chic! and have no words for those diamonds! SO Gorgeous! Voted already! Loved the new look of So-Saree!

    <3 from:

  4. Lovely saree Aditi...Have already voted for you... Best of Luck! :)

  5. The Saree looks gorgeous on u Aditi :)



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