Thursday 10 July 2014

Vat Savitri Vrat 2014

Hello All. Its raining in Mumbai finally, though not as much as we would have liked. But nevertheless, please make sure you take good care of your health during this season.

In other news...I have participated in the Bloggers Contest for Kama Jewellery. So please click on the below link and vote for me.(Aditi Ganatra)

If you have been following So-Saree's FB and Twitter updates, you would know that last month I observed the Vat Savitri Vrat for my husband much to his disapproval.
But when it is a question of extracting gifts from him, I never listen. ;)
To know more about the Vat Savitri Vrat read here and here.
Below are a few glimpses of my Vat Savitri Pooja this year.
Pooja Items
Pooja Set Up at Home
A Closer Look
The Real Pooja Venue: Banyan Tree

And this is what I wore for the Puja.

Hope you like it. :)


  1. i love that we in india always have some or the other festival going onn.. though in my family we dont have this pooja , but i like that we girls get to dress up for these occasions
    keep in touch

  2. I love all the pictures! So beautiful! And I love what you're wearing <3

  3. This pooja is celebrated in a large scale at jharkhand.
    but my Hubby never allows me to do it :D

  4. We just have Karwachauth and it will be my first fast after marriage so I am very excited. You look pretty. Wish you all the best for contest. Voted :)

  5. is it similar to karvachauth ? I am not a fasting person , but am quite intrigued to learn about these festivals !



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