Saturday 13 September 2014

So-Saree at Sula Vineyards

Me and husband had planned a trip to Nasik during the 4th of July weekend. The intention was to attend an event in a nearby resort, but unfortunately husband and I were taking turns to fall sick during the two night stay we had planned.

Just like unfortunate events happen without notice, so do good events.
On our way back home, we made a halt at Sula Vineyards and took a tour of the vineyards and the winery.
Me and husband being the boring kinds, do not drink wine and hence skipped it from our itinerary.
This saved us a few bucks which I promise to invest wisely in my wardrobe. ;)
The tour was precise and informative and I recommend each one to visit this place at least once.
This is the machine that is used to crush the grapes and separates the skin and seeds from the grape pulp.
The grape juice is stored in these huge aluminum containers at very low temperatures for months allowing it to ferment.
The final step: The fermented wine is stored in these barrels made from Oak tree wood for it to age which gives it a distinct flavor. Each of these barrels are imported and cost a bomb.
The Wine Tasting Session. Obviously we are missing.
The vineyards
How gorgeous is this installation!


  1. Awesome! Vineyards have always fascinated me!

  2. i crossed naskik last year but so stupid , i missed this, should have gone there
    sorry to know about your husbands health , hope he is feeling better now
    keep on touch

  3. Nice trip. The vineyards look really interesting :)
    Sorry to hear that you and your hubby were sick during the trip :(

  4. loved the pics. I have been planning to go there from some time. lets see when can I. Thanks for pictures :)

  5. I have heard so much about this. Would love to visit this place

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