Thursday 18 September 2014

What I wore at Sula Vineyards

So apart from the halt at Sula Vineyards, another good thing that happened that day was husband willingly agreed to click my pics without any complaints or whining, and I was one happy person.

So let's see how a happy person who also happens to be down with fever look in pictures.
Another advantage of cropping my face from the pictures...No matter what..You guys will never see my dark circles. Now how cool is that!!!
Dress:, Belt and shoes: Colaba Causeway, Accesories: Here and there


  1. Looking very pretty😊

  2. Very chic! love the print! Hope you are feeling better now!

  3. next time in nasik , i am surely visiting this place
    keep in touch

  4. Lovely as always,

  5. Heard a lot about these vineyards. Why do you crop your face most of the times, not just in today's post?

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  6. Aww, that's so sweet of him ! U look pretty in dresses babe ! Sometimes u should skip cropping n let it be just be it ! Xoxo

  7. Love this dress on you Aditi! With the perfect pop of red vis the trim. I know you love sarees, but you should wear more dresses as well :)

  8. I love your pretty face Aditi... wish i could see your face along with the beautiful dress!



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