Saturday 6 September 2014

So-Saree Readers Speak - Ishita

Hey Everyone..we are back with another Reader Post and trust me this is slowly becoming my favourite section on So-Saree.
I mean a little praise and compliments didn't hurt anyone.
So I say..bring it on.
If you wish to feature yourself in this section, please email me you post and pictures on

Moving on, today's reader is Ishita Somaiya.

 I am really not a Saree lover, flaunting a Saree is a huge task for me. I guess I look more bulky in Saree due to my excess weight. Still no matter what, I had to wear a Saree at my best friend's wedding because that was a deal between us..Thanks to my stars, I didn't trip somewhere while walking in a saree ;) :P
I guess I managed the Saree thing pretty well ;). Sharing few pictures I took at my best friend's wedding!!
I am completely in love with So-Saree as it covers an array of topics right from fashion, accessories, food and travel. Aditi you are doing a marvelous job by writing about different topics on your blog and inspiring people. I look forward to the easiest and quickest recipes that you post, they are too yummilicious to resist..My most loved section is the nail-art one, the designs are incredible and fantastic. 

Thank you for featuring me here :) It was a real pleasure !!!!
Keep rocking and Keep blogging!!!!
Looking forward to read many more lovely posts!!!!!

Thank you Ishita, for your kind words..and let me tell you...
You look gorgeous and elegant in this saree. Hope you embrace saree from now on.
Keep reading So-Saree.



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