Saturday 16 January 2016

It's Our Third Blog Anniversary

Three years ago on this day, So-Saree was born. Though the ideation and vision for So-Saree began much earlier than that.
Every Year on this day, I do something special.
On our First Anniversary, I announced a month long blogathon.
On our Second Anniversary, I pledged my eyes and announced a giveaway.
But for our Third Anniversary, I didn't do anything special.

I spent the entire day doing regular stuff, and now as the day draws to an end, I decided to pen down this post.
My blog has given me much more than I have asked for.
Recognition, creative outlet, friends and above all, a lot of happiness.
But according to me, the most important thing that So-Saree gave me were priceless learnings.

Learnings which will stay with me all my life and will definitely shape up my decisions, character and life. On our Third Anniversary, let me take the opportunity to list 3 Learnings that my blog journey has taught me.

Do what YOU LIKE.
My blog is all about what I like. Some may like it and some may not. And it's perfectly okay, if you have less views, likes and recognition than bloggers who started after you.
You started your blog for your self and it is very important that you like it than anyone else in this world.

It's not a NUMBER GAME.
It's not about the numbers..!
Even when you were in school, you were judged by the ranks and marks you scored.
But when you grow up, you realise that these numbers were hardly an indication of your intelligence or your worth.
Similarly it doesn't really matter, even if you have one sincere reader/follower on your blog, rather than thousands of followers on your social media and blog, who never interact with you.

In the last 3 years, I have attended quite a few blogger events and interacted with a lot of bloggers.
What I have seen and learnt from my experience is that the most successful bloggers are the most humble ones. They never take their blog popularity seriously and they blog because they enjoy it and it makes them happy.

That's it for today.
Hope for your continued support even in the days to come.
And you deserve a standing ovation, if you have read the entire post.


  1. Happy third anniversary So-saree. Hope to read you for many more years to come!! Nice post Aditi :)

  2. Happy 3rd Blogversary!!!


  3. Happy 3rd Blogversary!!!


  4. Congrats for the blogversary. You have an awesome blog and love your views about everything. Superb attitude:)

  5. Congratulations for the blog anniversary Aditi :) I'm so proud of you...

  6. Congratulations Aditi on the third anniversary .. Way to go :)

  7. Right said about the numbers, all comes down to how humble a being you are.Congratulations again for spreading the positivity around.

  8. Congratulations Aditi! You have worked so hard to bring this blog to where it is now and that too writing on a niche topic and something that could soon be a lost art if it was not for people like you talking about Indian traditions and attire. Some day I will be sharing this with my daughter. You have certainly touched a lot of hearts and that matters most than anything else! Keep going. :)

  9. congratulations dear!

  10. Congratulations Aditi. Nice post ..yes I agree to all these 3 points :)

  11. congratulation Aditi. I hope will get to read on many more topic

  12. Congrats Aditi. And all the best for all your future endeavours through blogging.

    xoxo - Chaicy - - Style.. a Pastiche!



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