Wednesday, 6 January 2016

So-Saree Highlights 2015

So-Saree Highlights has become an annual ritual and I really enjoy drafting this post, as I get an opportunity to live the entire year through one post. So without much ado, lets begin.

January 2015:
January 2015 started with So-Saree's Second Anniversary celebrations.
This month had a mix of outfits posts, nail art post, a recipe post and a women-centric post.
The month ended with the announcement of the Blogoversary giveaway.
My favorite post was Feeling Retro where I wore this floral saree with a chunky pearl necklace.

February 2015

This month was dominated by outfit posts. My favourite post was when I wore my favourite Bandhani saree at the Swami Narayan Temple at Chino Hills, California. Only a saree could do justice to this beautiful location.

March 2015

This was the busiest month on So-Saree with around 20 posts going live in this month alone.
My favourite was the PPD segment that I did with my fellow blogger friends to raise awareness about this topic.

Read the posts here:
The PPD Story by Kalyani
The PPD Story By Shilpi

April 2015:
This month saw a lot of collaborations.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all my sponsors for a fruitful journey.
Jewellery Courtesy: Confusion Acccessories

May 2015:

The highlight of this month was a post that I wrote about my Mom - #EveryWomenIsALeader

June 2015:

This month I had the opportunity to review Vintage Desi. Though it started off as a collaboration, I think it might turn out to be a relationship for a lifetime. The jewellery pieces at Vintage Desi are one of a kind and of extremely good quality. You should check them out, if you haven't yet.

July 2015

So-Shaadi Series made a comeback on So-Saree on popular demand and it was one of the most popular segment of all times.
The post that enjoyed most popularity was Sindhi Wedding Rituals.

August 2015:
The So-Shaadi series continued in the month of August as well. My Best Friends Wedding is a post with the maximum number of views this year. So you should check it out right now.

September 2015:
I finally kick started the long due So-Saree in America Series in this month.
I just hope I am able to finish it off at least this year.
I also want to point out that this month I reached  600 followers on Twitter and my 600th follower was none other than Rashmi Uday Singh. She started following me, after I posted the Super Salad Recipe on my blog. Have you checked it out yet?

October 2015:
My friend Paras did a 3 post feature about the numerous Ganesh Pandals in and around #Mumbai .
Check out the posts here:
Ganeshotsav 2015 Part 1
Ganeshotsav 2015 Part 2
Ganeshotsav 2015 Part 3

November 2015:
This month too was dominated by fashion posts thanks to my lovely sponsors Dresslink and CNDirect.

December 2015:
The last month of the year was equally interesting. Because I did a Beauty post, a Travel Post, a Fashion Post, reviewed the services of JCB Salon and covered an elite event by Wella. I couldn't have had a better conclusion to the year. What say?
Thank You once again for being a part of So-Saree's journey. I hope the coming year is going to be even more interesting and fulfilling than the past year.


  1. It has been a really busy year for you Aditi! I have read every single post of yours and have loved them all! But I would say aprt from your outfits and US posts, my favourite was the PPD series. I could relate to it so well, I felt so good. Keep up the good work!

  2. totally loved the your march posts the most
    Keep in Touch

  3. Beautifully styled Aditi :)
    Happy 2016 !

  4. loving ur outfit posts, bring more of saree looks this year. Congratulations on ur second blog anniversary. U rock em pearls.
    Happy new Year <3

  5. i love that yellow sari

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