Monday 8 February 2016

Asian Paints #StatementFurniture Bloggers Meet

Last week, I was invited to attend an event at the Asian Paint Signature Store in Bandra.
I had visited this Store exactly a year ago, when we were designing our new home, and we had found such great options for colours, textures and wallpapers too.
I was more keen to visit the store this time, as the meet promised to focus on the idea of transforming mundane furniture in our homes, to #StatementFurniture.
The event started with a tour of the #BandraStore. Though I had visited this store last year, most of the things at the store were different this time. That is because the #AsianPaints #ColourStoreBandra is updated and redone every few months to reflect the latest styles, designs  an concepts in the design industry.
From paints, textures, design walls, to cozy set ups of coffee table, kitchens, bedrooms, lounge areas and kids room; they have everything on display.
I strongly recommend that if you are ever doing your house, a visit to the Asian Paints Signature Store is a must, for design inspirations.
As we move to the #Woodcafe, we saw how wooden furniture pieces were transformed with the use of nothing but colour with Asian Paints #IdeasonWood concept.
Whether it was a coffee table, a desk or a cabinet, everything can be given a different look and feel with Asian Paints latest paint technology.
Later, we were shown a PowerPoint presentation, where old furniture pieces were given a makeover by the Asian Paints design team, and they had transformed it using only paint.

With this presentation Asian Paints won our hearts, as who wouldn't want to give their existing furniture a new look and life instead of discarding it?

Asian Paints has two more signature stores, one at Kolkata and Delhi.
A few glimpses of the the Asian Paints Mumbai Store in Bandra.

The Lounge Area
The cozy Breakfast Table
Kids Room
Glow in the Dark Effect for your Kids room walls
For more details visit:


  1. The store is absolutely gorgeous! You are so lucky to have visited it! I wanna too!

  2. Interesting 'coz I am getting a couple of rooms in my home painted RIGHT NOW :D

    ∞ © ∞

  3. wow love the work done by Asian paints and the new looks created by them



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