Saturday 27 February 2016

Biking Trip To Golden Gate Bridge

After taking a short tour of the SFO in our cars, we decided to park the car. Finding a parking spot was really tough, but we finally managed to find one.
Our friends had rented out bikes so that we could bike all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge and capture the beautiful locations on the way and at our destination.
But I was just not able to ride a bike. I kept falling off the bike and chickened out last minute. So we asked our frens to go ahead and bike to the Golden Gate Bridge, while me and husband decided to walk around the SFO streets by ourselves.
I am so glad I sent them ahead, because they captured some great shots for my blog, which I am sharing today.
Hope you like them.

P.S. Special Thanks to Jaya and Manoj for the gorgeous clicks.


  1. I love biking! Gorgeous pictures!

  2. i wish i could go cycling in india
    keep in touch

  3. Beautiful pics! I cant ride either ;-)
    Giveaway on my blog. Please participate

  4. Biking is really fun. My husband and i are big fans of the sport.

  5. biking is really fun, and in USA , its the only thing everyones want to do there
    U should have not given up. Come to Delhi , we'll go biking saath saath.

  6. Its been a long time since I did any cycling. Beautiful pics and view.It reminds me of my trip to Golden Gate

  7. Wow Aditi !! Such a good post... Relived all those moments we spent together in SFO and in Mumbai :) ....And I miss you already!

  8. The traveling on bicycles presented a very entertaining and interesting adventure. The trip to such an unusually beautiful bridge brought a lot of unforgettable impressions.



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