Thursday 25 February 2016

#BaayaAnnualSale : Let's Go Mumbai

Baaya, which literally means a well crafted home of the weaver bird, stands true to its name.

It is a Place where Design meets Tradition.
With it's hand crafted artifacts created by master artisans sourced from the length and breadth of India, Baaya is an answer to all your home decor needs. Baaya stands for art, Baaya stands for artisans and Baaya stands for preserving our rich cultural heritage.

Whether it is the gond furniture range from Madhya Pradesh, black pottery collection from Orissa or the Pitara range of trays and coasters, Baaya celebrates the ancient art forms of India and gives a modern touch to it.
Baaya sources art and artisans from the remotest of places and uses their skill to create statement pieces, structures and art forms in modern settings thereby preserving our ancient art forms and giving artisans the exposure, credit and a livelihood they truly deserve.

Every year in order to facilitate bringing in new signature pieces in their design Studio, Baaya hosts an annual sale. The #BaayaAnnualSale is currently going on at their design studio in Lower Parel from February 20th-29th. Make sure you visit it, to catch amazing discounts on exclusive home decor stuff.

Everything that I see in Baaya makes my heart skip a beat, but when I learnt that the below items are currently on sale at the store, I had to share it with my readers.

Scroll down and decide quickly which one you want to take home, coz it's on sale only till 29th February. :) 
Bengal Scroll Painting
Shrinathji Pichwai Painting

Dwirupa Bar Cabinet
Dwirupa Nesting Table

Dwiupa Six Drawers Cabinet

Gond Bench

Gond Painted Coffee Table

Orissa Patachitra Teakwood Coffee Table

Hurry up, and bring a piece of Indian heritage in your abode with BAAYA.

For more details, visit here:
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  1. the furniture is just so beautiful
    Keep In Touch

  2. Love the Shrinathji :) I have a hand painted and jewels decorated Shrinathji at home and this reminds me of that!



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