Thursday 6 October 2016

How to be Patient and an Outfit Post

When things don't go right and you have no where to go, there's one thing that really comes in handy ....PATIENCE.
Patience is a virtue and easier said than done.

So today I wanted to share a few tips that help you be patient while keeping your sanity.

Positive thoughts: You have to believe and understand that there's sunrise after sunset. All you have to do is wait for the sunrise. The wait might be long and difficult, but sunrise is inevitable. 

Keep Busy: Make sure you keep yourself busy in things that challenge you. It might be your job, your kitchen or your kids. If you are busy there's hardly any time for negative thoughts to engulf you, and you can pass through the "patiently waiting" stage faster than you think.

Be Happy: I have always believed that you need to be happy first to make others happy. So no matter how busy or disinterested you are, make sure you watch your favourite romcom movie, join that dance class you wanted or simply buy that designer saree you have been eyeing for the longest time.

Live in the moment: I know it's difficult, but you have to understand that dwelling in the past and fretting over the future does more harm to you than good. So just take things one day at a time. Things will be much easier to deal with if everyone lives in the present.

Stop Comparing: Stop comparing your life with others and stop assuming things on the basis of what you see on Facebook. You are unique and so is your life.
Everyone is born with their own destiny, so you can't cry that someone else is having it easier or better than you. You never know that same person might be feeling the same about you.

Work on Yourself: When you look good you feel good and everything else follows. So every time I feel low, I follow a clean diet and work out vigorously in the gym to achieve a fitter and better looking "me", or even easier, you could get a massage, a facial or a new haircut. Sometimes you need to work on superficial things for your overall well being, also because it's the easiest way to do.

I hope these tips help you, because they sure helped me a lot.

Outfit Details: 
Striped Tee, Cap: Ross
Faux Leather Skirt: Forever 21
Purse: Dresslink
Silver Sandals: Payless


  1. Black and white is my favourite combo. I have a very similar leather skirt from F 21. Beautiful pics. Thanks for the tips sweetie I have been feeling quite low for the past couple of days. ps you eat clean when you are low while I gorge on junk when I am down :D Happy Navratri!

  2. I agree with each and every word that you ha e written there though it gets a little hard at times to implement but yes, it is not impossible.
    And that dress is pretty ! Black and white is my all time favourite and one can do so much with it.

  3. I think not comparing is the biggest benefit we can for ourselves!
    Are these pics near the 101 highway?

  4. I know i can often get impatient and these are good tips to help out. And I love the outfit and especially the leather skirt!

  5. Hi Aditi! Long time... Lovely outfit and lovely place... I was just there in 17 miles drive too in July... love it... :)

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  6. Ooooo looking sexy. Love the leather skirt.

  7. Love your outfit. You look stunning!!

    Just By Mee

  8. Patience is really a virtue indeed! If we don't have patience we won't be able to achieve our goals and succeed. A virtue that I always teach my student from



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