Friday 7 October 2016

A Friend in Need..!

Growing up we all heard the story of two friends, who set out on a long journey together.
On their way they encountered a bear and one friend climbed up the tree to save his life while the other one played dead..!
Long story have always heard, believed and repeatedly said that a Friend in Need is a Friend in Deed.

I believed so for the longest time. But as time passed by, I realized that this wasn't the right criteria to judge friendship.
I truly and completely believe that a True Friend is one who feels happy for you when you succeed and going through the best phase of your life.

You will have many people who will try to give you a shoulder to cry on when you are down and going through worse. But once you start progressing, the same crying shoulder becomes a jealous and bitching  soul.


My friend Sonali, is one friend who feels happy over my success and sad over my failures.
And that is why I call her my best friend, My Yaar!

It's strange how people from completely different backgrounds, temperaments and interests come together due to destiny and weave a beautiful and memorable relation that only gets better with time and age.
Sonali and I were introduced through common friends, but other than these common friends we didn't have anything in common. We were just acquaintances until we happened to join the same organization post our graduation.

It was here that our friendship took real shape and meaning.
From taking coffee breaks together, to going shopping during weekends, we did everything together.
On one of my birthday's, Sonali made me a personalized desk calendar with my pics and I was touched by the gesture. So on her birthday I wanted to do something even special.
The TV show Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was too popular at that time and hence inspired by Rosesh Sarabhai, I penned down a poem for her.
It was the most ridiculous poem ever written and I am shamelessly sharing it here on my blog for the first time. Try not to kill me later.

Meri Saheli...

Sundar si hain meri saheli
Pyaari pyaari badi nirali

Ghane mulayam kesh hain uske

Mukh pe haseen sada hi muske

Daya ki hain wo aisi murat
Sochu main too lage hain murakh

Sabhi pasand karte hain usko
Par wo pasand karti hain mujhko

Dekho yeh hain meri Saheli
Naam jiska hain Sonali!

But believe it or not, instead of cutting ties with me, Sonali got so emotional that she hugged me. She carried this poem with her, everywhere she went. (yeah..I know she can get silly sometimes. But that's why she's the best.)


Even on my 25th Birthday, she came home at midnight to surprise me and made sure I had the best birthday ever.

We even took a holiday together to Hong Kong and had the best time of our life.
On the day of my wedding, she was on my side all the time.
But as time passed by, we moved on with our lives. I got married and quit my job, while Sonali went to UK to pursue further studies. But this distance did not affect our friendship even a bit.
Sonali made sure she called me from UK and every time we spoke for more than an hour. (don't forget the international call rates)


Her wedding was one of the happiest day of my life as I knew she was marrying someone who is as crazy about her as I am.

Few people in your life give you peace, stability, confidence and unadulterated love. Sonali has give me all this and much more.

Being In Love, doesn't mean You have to be Lovers!
Sometimes You just have to be Friends! :)

Zee TV for the first time in the history of Indian Television is bringing to you a show that celebrates celebrity friendships through a chat show which features fun tasks and challenges.
It is aptly named Yaaron Ki Baraat.

I am really excited about this show and I am going to invite my friend Sonali over for dinner tomorrow so that we can enjoy this show together.
Don't forget to tune in to Zee TV on 8th October at 8 pm.


  1. This is such a sweet post :) You are lucky to have Sonali as such a good friend :)

  2. Aww! what an interesting read. Sonali is such a darling.

  3. Such a beautiful post!

  4. You are blessed to find a friendship that last a lifetime. You are one of the lucky ones that found a friend whom you can be with through good or bad times, as what visit website for best custom writing mentioned, when you find such friendship treasure it.

  5. This is such a blessing to have a truly friend by your side. I am happy for you. I am still waiting for my best friend to show up in my life, so far my friends did not prove them "besties".



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