Wednesday 7 December 2016

Beauty Post: Timeless Beauty demands Timeless Products!

The virtual world of today is inundated with beauty products – open any site and you will be assaulted with pictures and promises of flawless skin which will not age, wrinkle or blemish. Cosmetic companies are making sure that we cannot scroll an internet page without reminding us that our skin NEEDS HELP! It is almost impossible to keep your head from swimming with this information overload on what is best for our skin/ body/ hair.

Although easy to blame them, the real problem is not in the multitude of solutions piling on every other day, but our ever evolving self destructing lifestyle. Yeah.. yeah, I know you have heard this as many times as you have flipped on your laptop and hit Google. But clichéd as it might seem, that really is at the root of all our skin/hair troubles. 

With our pollution stifled commutes, junk food overdoses to compensate for a fanatical and stressed work life and then as a cherry on the icing, our ultimate sanctity in nicotine, alcohol and God knows what else.
Our skin is supposed to be the mirror to our inner self – it is a reflection of whatever is happening IN THERE! So almost every one of us is now suffering from some or the other skin problem – acne, dullness, early onset of wrinkles, fine lines, to name a few. 

So what do we DO NOW? Now- that the damage has already been initiated. Now- that your once supple and glowing skin is already showing tell-tale signs of wrinkles and ageing.

NOW is the time to start sifting through the millions of products on the television and internet and give your skin a metaphorical time travel machine.

But how would you know which ones to pick and which ones to avoid? Wish I had a cross-your-arms-and-blink-your-eyes “I Love Jeannie” kind of solution for you, but it isn’t that simple. So let’s see how to try and simplify and zero in to your beauty mantra.

I kind of have a mental check-list when I go through the skin care products in the market (and yes, like any normal girl I am ALWAYS LOOKING for new stuff)

The first and foremost important thing is to look for ORGANIC or Non-Sulphate products for my skin as well as hair. Although it is difficult to find a product with zero chemicals, why not aim for a number closest to zero! Secondly, it is important to read all the ingredients and components on the package carefully to look out for any camouflaged chemicals. I also have a habit of going through the good and bad reviews of the product, just get a sense of what others are saying about the product.
But I guess the final testament lies only after your usage. It is very important to understand that any given product may not react exactly the same way it reacts on other people, even if they have similar skin or hair types. Each girl is unique and so is our skin!
So while I was on a mission to find an anti ageing/ skin firming product, I came across two fantastic products from TimelessHA - Timeless anti-aging serums and their Ferulic acid serum.

Having an oily skin, I always prefer serums or water based products as opposed to creams. And Timeless skin care gave me exactly that! The product description says “Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles!” and given time, it definitely delivers on that front. It is brimming with bioactive active collagen peptides (very crucial for reducing wrinkles at an early stage), carrot seed oil, orange oil, grapefruit oil and other healthy nutrients, which keeps the skin very hydrated and a regular use helps in reversing your skin age! It is easy to use and keeps the skin non-greasy but yet soft. What else do you need from a skin serum!!
So next time you see a line on your face or just are in need of boosting your skin with some natural glow, I would highly recommend you to order the serum suitable for your skin type.

Hope this was helpful!
-Gauri Patwardhan
For So-Saree



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