Monday 12 December 2016

Vanquish your Body Insecurities with BTL Vanquish

I have been a “plump” (obese at one time – but I prefer the word plump) girl all my life. So even though currently I am on a slightly lighter side of the weighing scale, I am perennially on a daily routine of diets and work-outs. But even at my lowest weight I never managed to cut down on some pain areas – like arm fat. I am sure all of you have these body peeves; the fat just refuses to I right?
But girls (and boys actually!) not worry anymore! BTL Aesthetics, a Prague based company, has come up with a pioneer fat blasting machine – BTL Vanquish, which targets specific areas on the body which are prone to fat accumulation, resulting in pouches or bags.
Display on the Vanquish
Electrodes on the Vanquish
BTL Vanquish is the world’s first selective treatment which eliminates fat without body invasions, discomfort, significant side-effects or even any direct bodily contact! It uses a new radio frequency technology, which is absorbed by fat with no affect on the skin or muscles.
It is US FDA approved and claims to be painless with fast and effective results. In India, doctors generally recommend 6-8 weekly sessions – each session lasting approximately 45 minutes. Results could be visible within 2-3 sessions, but the maximum results can be seen about 2 weeks post the last session. It is not gender or age specific, and so anyone can try this out. 

Let me try and break this down in simple language. The BTL Vanquish emits radio frequency which is targeted at the subcutaneous fat storage (which is about 80% of the body fat) without actually touching the skin. It heats up the internal temperature of the body to ~44-46°C and starts the process of breaking down the fat cells. According to past studies, it has been proven that to activate the breakdown of fat cells, the heat needs to be uniform for about 40-45 minutes. Thus each session of BTL Vanquish lasts about 45 minutes. So at the end of the prescribed sessions, the fat layers are dead and thrown out of the body through the lymphatic system. Post this, clients generally only require 1-2 sessions once a year for maintenance; since unlike other surgical procedures, there is generally no recurrence of the fat deposits, if you lead a healthy lifestyle.
Applicator for small body parts
With the help of its smaller individual applicators, we can also use this on thighs, arms, saddlebacks, back bulges and butts.
The BTL team convinced me that Vanquish was one of a kind SAFE and PAINLESS technological advancement, which is the new word in wellness that is definitely worth trying. It is not a substitute to your healthy daily routine, but an aid towards a fat-free existence!
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-Gauri Patwardhan
For So-Saree


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  2. As indicated by an article in Time Magazine in 2009, practice alone is not prone to offer an answer for getting more fit particularly if the individual surrenders to appetite throbs and takes more calories subsequent to working out. hop over to here

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    I would say I would any day prefer the natural way... all this seems scary to me..

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  4. Very interesting post - thank you for sharing!

  5. I tried the BTL vanquish and was amazed at how amazingly well it works for the purpose it is intended to be used for. I posted about it on as well and people who tried it had the same feeback to give. So i am thankful to you for sharing this amazing info, helped a lot!



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