Wednesday 21 December 2016

Restaurant Review: Cafe Mojo, Mumbai

A few weeks ago, I was invited to visit Cafe Mojo in Mumbai,the first e-beer pub in Mumbai.
On speaking to the management about the concept of e-beer pub, I learned that with Cafe Mojo's distinctive e-Brew self-serve system, you can pour your own chilled beer straight from taps fitted at your table. And you pay by the ml instead of traditional ‘by the glass’ method! This distinct feature has caught attention nationally and is much admired by their patrons.

The invite said Food, Drinks and Sheesha are on the house.
The line, kind of set an alarm for me, as I don't drink and don't do Sheesha either.
My past experiences at such pubs had told me that there is hardly anything in store at such places, for people like me. But since I had no other plans for that day, I decided to accept the invitation.
We reached the place at 8 pm and the place was already in its elements.
The first thing that caught my attention was the cool decor of this place. Quirky yet an element of sophistication scored some brownie points from me. The next thing to catch my attention was the music. From pop, hip-hop and Bollywood, they had it all.


I loved their seating arrangements, where customers have the option to sit on round tables, bar stools along the bar, private seating for those seeking calm and quiet, an open air area for smokers, and a rooftop place for Sheesha.
We chose a seat in the open air and were immediately brought the drinks menu.
After fidgeting with the drinks menu, we finally ordered what we normally do.
I ordered the Virgin Pina Colada, while husband went for Safe Sex on the Beach.
The mocktails were refreshing and not too sweet...just the way we like it.
We then moved on to the food menu, and husband was really happy to see the vegetarian menu. Unlike other pubs we have visited, this place didn't stick to cliche cheese balls and chinese starters for vegetarians, they had a whole bunch of interesting stuff for the vegetarians and non vegetarians alike.
Husband ordered for the veg Burg-wich and Paneer tikka pizza, while I ordered for Chicken Tikki, Zaffrani Prawns and St. Louis style Fried Chicken.
First things first, I loved the presentation of each and every dish that arrived.
Let's speak about the vegetarian stuff first. The veg Burg-Wich was bang on. Spicy, tangy and crispy. It hit the taste buds at the right spots.

The Paneer Tikka pizza was good too, but I thought it was a bit dry.

The Chicken tikki, was another surprise.
It was sweet, succulent and lightly spiced. I think it was a perfect start to my evening.
The Zaffrani Prawns did not work for me.
But the winner of the evening was the St. Louis Style Fried Chicken.
Having traveled around the world and tried fried chicken in almost every place, I feel no one makes them better than Cafe Mojo.
It was well cooked, adequately spiced and guiltlessly fried.
It was so good that it almost melted in my mouth, I constantly kept checking if they had added cheese to it, but I couldn't find a trace and I am still wondering how they made it.
A few of my friends who had visited Cafe Mojo, had asked me to try their desserts, but we were so stuffed, that we decided to skip it. But definitely next time.

All in all we were very happy with our experience, and wouldn't mind going here again with our bunch of friends.
I rate this place: 3.5/5

P.S. I was invited to eat for free, but my comments remain completely honest and my own.


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