Monday 13 February 2017

Outfit post: 3 Things That Amuse Me

Three Things That Amuse Me...
* When people praise/appreciate their spouses/partners on Facebook, instead of just turning around and telling it to them on their face.

* When 13-14 year olds have FB, Twitter, Insta And Snapchat accounts where they share real time updates about their doings and whereabouts...putting bloggers like me to shame.

* When random people who are married/people with kids take the liberty to question your intension about marriage and kids. Why?? If you have so much spare time why not just worry about global warming?

Moving on the outfit...not exactly my favourite one.
But the backdrop in these pics makes it worthy of sharing them on the blog.
These pictures were clicked in Talkeetna, Alaska.

Outfit Details:

Top: Kohl's
Denim: Levis
Shoes: Walmart
Dogbag: Dresslink


  1. These three points are so genuine to be amused by! I too hate it when ppl express their love on social media! ps Alaska is high on my list. And I love your glittery sweater!

  2. number one totally amuses me too! And yes, why are people so nosey?
    p.s cute sweater!

  3. Heee, first point is really amuses me too. Why people want to express their love publicly...???



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