Tuesday 7 February 2017

Outfit Post: Uppada Silk Saree

Last year I finally bought my first Uppada silk saree.
The occasion was a cousin's wedding in London, and while everyone else in the family were busy narrowing down their gown choices, very predictably I chose to wear a traditional saree. I guess it's my trick to stand out. ;)

A little information about Uppada sarees before we move on to the pictures.
The saree gets its name from a small beach town in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh called Uppada. These sarees are also known as Uppada Pattu in Telugu. They are made using the age old method of making Jamdani and making a single saree takes around 7-15 days. The style of weaving Uppada Jamdani is around 300 years old and is believed to have originated from Bangladesh. This technique of weaving came to India when these weavers migrated to Andhra Pradesh.

Uppada silk sarees are famous for their light weight and thus easy wear-ability.
Did you know, even today around 40% of local weavers of Uppada silk are women?

Amazing, isn't it!

Now without much ado, lets move on to the outfit pictures.




  1. Very beautiful! And yes it was the perfect way to Stand out!

  2. rocking the saree look. Beautiful, and I can never get tired of seeing u in sarees.

  3. hiii... really wonderfull collection


  4. Ohh..so beautiful.
    Wna know from where you bought and price.I am collecting to wear sarees..got a tussar silk saree gift from a friend,buyed from Andhra Pradesh. Now wanting Uppada silk.. I wasn't sure will fabric sit on body or not..after seeing on you n pics..I made up mind to get one. May be I can ask from you to send me one..Ofcrse by making payment in your account :)

  5. Uppada silk sarees are really great as it has soft texture and light weight. Thanks for sharing these high quality images. You can check www.adimohinimohankanjilal.com also for premium quality silk sarees.

  6. Uppada silk Sarees are famous for its beautifully designed interweaving silk threads and light weight.

  7. Uppada sarees have gained their own unique identity, and weavers here usually receive bulk orders during the wedding season. Accordingly, Uppada sarees have become a popular choice for those who prefer a combination of modernity and tradition in their attire.



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