Thursday 2 March 2017 Give Shape to your Dream Events

I remember the first time I saw the movie, The Wedding Planner, I was head over heels in love with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez.
Apart from the gorgeous romantic couple, what was etched in my memory forever was Jennifer Lopez's profession in the movie. She played the title role of The Wedding Planner and her body of work was too good to be true. I was fascinated, mesmerized and spellbound by all the gorgeous weddings she plans in the movie.
And I had secretly decided in my mind that I want to be wedding planner/or an event manager one day.

But like it happens with most people of my age, something else caught my fancy over a period of time and I forgot all about the event management career plan.
But recently I came across a brand that reminded me of my long lost secret career plan. an Event Styling, Designing and Rental team that helps you put together an event you might have only seen in your dreams.
With its headquarters in California and a showroom in Mexico, ArchiveRental makes sure they have your back covered for any event that you might think of hosting in the USA and Mexico.
They offer commercial staging as well as staging of homes, trade show booths, as well as styling services for any event along with offering rentals of unique furnishings and accessories for events and gatherings of any size.

When I went through the pictures of their past work, I was literally contemplating of getting married again..of course to the same guy. ;)

Though they are equally fabulous with designing corporate events and parties, me being the hopeless romantic fell for their beautiful wedding designs.
So let's scroll down to see how Archive Rentals designed some really gorgeous weddings which look straight out of a fairy tale.

The Romantic European Style Wedding
The Vineyard Wedding

The Tropical Wedding

The Bohemian Chic Wedding

The Pastel Beach Wedding

Aren't these gorgeous?

So if you are looking for vintage rentals in Los Angeles or for that matter anywhere in the USA or Mexico, make sure you get an appointment with ArchiveRental who will give shape to your dream events.


  1. Just in time, I am going to pass this on to a friend who is looking for some info. Cheers.



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