Thursday, 16 March 2017

Rekha: The Original Diva of Bollywood

Whenever I think of elegance and saree, the only name that immediately pops into my head is the evergreen Rekha. She not only ruled the Indian film industry for decades, but has mesmerized us with her gorgeous golden-hued Kanjivaram sarees, glorified by impeccable accessories and her enviable tresses.
Whether it is a photo shoot or a celebrity wedding, whether it is an award function or a rare appearance on a TV show, Rekha never disappoints. I am yet to see a saree on Rekha which didn’t make me drool!! Add to that her long flowing jet black hair and the now-famous maroon lipstick on her perfect-pout lips and we have THE PERFECT INDIAN POISE at its best. Don’t you all agree?
But more importantly, it is not the sarees which her make the diva, but it is her innate grace and Indianness which makes the sarees look more glamorous!! She is like Midas who makes everything look more golden (pun intended!) and more shiny.
Forget puny nobodies like us, you can see Rekha’s inspiration in all the new actresses who are always trying to perfect the Indian (read as Rekha) look, but (with no offence to anyone) there is unfortunately only one Rekha who just completely rocks the SAREE.
So, just as a small tribute to her, I have put together a small collection of a few of my favourite Rekha looks. Hope you like them!!

-Gauri Patwardhan
 For So-Saree
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