Thursday 27 April 2017

AVG – the New Age Samurai

I am an avid traveler and I also love to pen down my impressions and my experiences about the places I visit. The other day I was in a reminiscent mood and started going through all my past escapades and enjoyed having a virtual trip back to all those amazing destinations. So I thought it would be fun to write a mega blog about all my travel blogs!
I rummaged through more than seven-eight years in my database and was able to come up with loads of material. Since my laptop and cell phones are synced, all my photos and articles combined were like a gold medal at the end of a treasure hunt! Excitedly I mentioned my ideas to my husband, and with equal zeal he burst my bubble big time! Very casually he was like “What if some virus infects your cell phone/ laptop and you lose all these precious moments?”

That got me out of my reverie and I panicked...big time!! My cell phone (as like every other human over the age of 11 today!) is my most prized possession – not as much for its actual value but more for what it stores. But then again I don’t think I mentioned anything which you all don’t know already. But in my case, it is not only about the pictures and the videos, but also tons of personal data, which is most certainly irreplaceable. So when I realized that a single wrong click (however unintentional) from my side, and my data would be lost forever – or worse, fall in wrong hands and I am not even that technologically advanced to know or understanding the repercussions.
So again I turned to my husband with a plea for help and he guided me to a magic genie which would guard my data with almost no effort from my side. It was called AVG – an Android Antivirus app - I immediately installed it, and I have to say, even after a few months, have had no issues.
The app is free on Android and in addition to providing security, it also enables locating your lost phone via Google Maps™, kills tasks that slow down your device, monitors & Optimizes battery, storage and data package usage, hides your most-private photos in an encrypted Vault and much more! For more features you can visit .
In case you still are not convinced, you can always read up more user reviews on the above mentioned link. So what are you waiting for, protect your cell phones with the new age Samurai called AVG...Now!!

-Gouri Patwardhan
 For So-Saree


  1. Wow, you've visited so many places! Some of those are definitely on my bucket list for the future!



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