Thursday 6 April 2017

Maheshwari Silk Saree courtesy Weavesmart

Today I  am going to talk about another of my favourite weaves, and it comes from
 Maheshwar, a city in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh.

Maheshwari Saree is a cotton and pure silk fabric woven with zari/ brocade in unique designs. These designs include stripes, checks and florals.
The beautiful conception of the Maheshwari saree dates back to 18th century Madhya Pradesh. That's how the sarees get their name.These sarees were first found and produced in the town of Maheshwar, hence the name. These sarees were initially made of pure Silk, but with time, Cotton was also used for these sarees.
There is a rather interesting legend behind the Maheshwari sarees and it involves none other than Queen Ahilyabai Holkar of Malwa.
The queen herself had ordered various artisans from Malwa and Surat to design a special 9 yards saree which she wanted to gift all the royal relatives who visited her palace. In fact it is believed that the Queen herself had designed the first saree. This saree became very popular with her guests and later came to be known as the Maheshwari saree.

The USP of Maheshwari Sarees is that they are light weight  and hence can be worn during all seasons. Another interesting thing about Maheshwari sarees is that they have a reversible border and hence can be worn on either side.

When the generous people at Weavesmart asked me to pick a saree to style on my blog, I hardly took a second to decide that I would pick a Maheshwari Silk saree.
I browzed through their gorgeous collection of Maheshwari sarees on the website to pick this beautiful piece in dark blue and green.
Extremely light weight and easy to carry, this saree made many a heads turn at a recent event I attended, while I graciously accepted all the compliments coming my way. ;)

Outfit Details:
Saree: Weavesmart
Earrings: Confusion Fashion Accessories
Necklace: Confusion Fashion Accessories
Photography by: Deepali Suryawanshi Photography


  1. I just loveeeee this blue and green combo!

  2. The colour combination and the fabric of the saree looks awesome!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  3. It looks beautiful! Loved the colour combo :)

  4. I just loveeeee this blue and green combo! Kutsal Topraklar

  5. I love the sari you picked, the color is so rich!

  6. Love the green and blue of the saree

  7. Its very beautiful color combination of blue and green.



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