Saturday 18 November 2017

So-Saree Readers Speak - Pramila

We are back with our Readers Speak Segment and I hope I am able to make it a regular feature on the blog.
Today's reader is a person whose saree style I really like.
Traditional with a lot of sass, is how I would define it.
So without much ado, lets move on to see what she has to say.

It's a huge compliment that my pics were chosen to be featured on So-Saree.
I follow So-Saree since its all about fashion, culture, tradition, style tips, nail art and being oneself. I appreciate and follow the blog as it inspires me to be myself yet stand out from the crowd. It's different and when I say different I honestly mean it. I have grown immensely in my dressing sense and people have noticed the change's classy now.
I always loved Sarees and I find them very graceful. I believe any women looks pretty in a saree provided its draped well. I have never failed to turn heads when I wear a saree. Saree just happens to be one of those things that brings out the beauty in a women. It's a sexy outfit and yet earns brownie points with conservative people as well. ;)
I love love love sarees....So sarees !!! ;)
I wish Aditi and her blog all the best for all future endeavors and I am highly obliged for featuring me......I am just loving this attention 😍😍

Thanks Pramila, for your kind words. You really carry your sarees with a lot of grace.



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