Thursday 22 March 2018

Why I Don't Watch Horror Movies

As a kid, watching a horror movie was more about proving to people that I am a grown up.
But now that I am a grown up, (really??) there's no point to prove.
And that's kind of liberating.
So, in today's post I am penning down 5 reasons why I don't watch horror movies.

1. I watch most part of the horror movie, with my eyes covered. So I miss most of the "so called" interesting/thrilling part. So what's the point in watching it at all?
2. I scream at sudden and loud sound effects or at the appearance of the scary guy/gal; which is embarrassing, if I am not with my close ones; who are now used to all my antics.
3. Nightmares, for at least a week, after I see the movie, keep me awake all night. Which means drowsy, tired days. Who has time for that?
4. I am too scared to use the rest room at night. And sometimes if you have to go, you have to go!
5. When I am home alone, I imagine super crazy stuff, like blood water coming out of my tap, a hand coming out of television and choking me, or someone staring at me, while I do regular stuff. I always took pride in my imagination power and but definitely not after watching a scary movie.

Now, that you guys have had a good laugh at my expense, let,s move on to the outfit of the day. There's nothing scary about this outfit, so scroll down.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Romwe
Sneakers: Street shopping
Yellow Jacket: Jabong


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