Sunday 11 March 2018

A Desi's Guide on How to Order a Chipotle Bowl

I am (un)officially the biggest Chipotle Fan. And every time I visit the US, I devour the Chipotle rice bowl at least once a day(sometimes even twice.) :)
The first time I went to Chipotle was about 4 years ago. I had no clue what to order, but I was fortunate to have an office colleague with me, who placed the order for me and from that day I became a Chipotle fan for life.
Many times, whenever I visited Chipotle, I have seen so many Desi's visiting the place and a lot of them look confused and a little overwhelmed too...with the numerous options they offer.
They don't know what to order, what is vegetarian, what is not, etc. and I have had to really control my urge to walk to them and guide them with their order.
So I wanted to do this post for the benefit of those people who might visit Chipotle for the first time.
Also, when my friends taste my Chipotle rice bowl, they love it and want to know what I add to my bowl. Hence the post.
So lets begin - A Desi's Guide to ordering the Chipotle Rice Bowl.

Though I eat non-vegetarian food as well, I always order the vegetarian Chipotle Rice bowl.
Chipotle is a fast food restaurant, and there are a number of ingredients set up on display and as you move on, the staff starts filling up your bowl as per your request. 

When you are at Chipotle, you mainly have two options:  order the Rice Bowl or the Burrito.
Of course, there's Chips and Salsa, and the kiddie menu too.
But majorly it's just these two things, pretty simple right?

I always order the rice bowl instead of the burrito, because eating a burrito can get really messy.

The first thing they will ask you is if you want a burrito or a rice bowl.
I order the rice bowl.
Next question, White/Brown rice?
I say White.
Next, black beans/pinto beans?
I say Black.
Then they ask you if you would like some veggies.
The veggies are basically fajita veggies- sauteed bell peppers and onions with their special seasoning. You absolutely should include this in your bowl.
Then is the choice of meat.
You can choose from a variety of meat, but since I am ordering a vegetarian bowl, I ask for Sofritas. Sofritas are basically tofu marinated in a spicy sauce made from Chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos, and Mexican spices. You can skip it if you want, but the rice bowl with the Sofritas just makes it way way better.
Then, they ask you for your choice of sauce. Hot, medium, mild.
I ask for the hot and medium, both.
They have corn too, but I skip it, since it makes the dish a bit bland.
Next they will ask you if you would like some sour cream, cheese and lettuce in your bowl.
I take just a small spoon of sour cream, some cheese and lots of lettuce.
You can also order the Guacamole on your bowl for an additional charge, but even if I order it, I ask them to serve it separately and not in the bowl.
That's it. The Chipotle bowl is ready to be devoured.

If you order the Chipotle bowl the way I do, I assure you, your affair with Chipotle will be an eternal one, like mine.

Have you  been to Chipotle? What do you eat?
Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. If you want to skip the rice, you also have the option to order the Salad bowl. Here all the ingredients can remain the same and you just replace the rice with some salad greens.


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