Thursday 2 August 2018

Family Fun Comes Together at #NextGenTimeZone

Growing up in a city like Mumbai has its ups and downs.
I feel grateful because I grew up at a time when parks and children play areas were plenty even in a crowded city like Mumbai. And even those, who did not have parks close by, had their building complexes which where large enough and clutter free to even host cricket matches.
We were blessed because we were not engulfed by technology yet.

But decades later, when I became a parent, I felt my kid will miss out on all the fun I had as a child. Playing hide and seek in our building complex, or a game of lagori or even badminton is a distant dream now, as building complexes have been converted into additional parking space. Garden and parks are empty as kids prefer to play games online at home or prefer their mall visits more, compared to play areas.
With busier lifestyles, it is becoming more and more difficult for families to spend quality time together and more often I like to blame technology for that.
But my visit to #NextGenTimeZone Games at Inorbit Malad changed my perspective and made me a little hopeful for the future.

Timezone is your one-stop interactive entertainment destination having latest arcade games, exciting rides and fabulous prizes. It lets you re-live your childhood and make new memories with your family and friends. Timezone, has recently revamped and relaunched itself as #NEXTGENTIMEZONE at Inorbit Mall, Malad.
This place has elements which focuses on young adults along with kids and family. So this is a perfect place for family bonding.
I spent the last weekend with my family there, and I cant believe how much fun we had together. Scroll down to read, what all we loved about this place.

Krazee Whirl Cars: Here they have added a fun element to the bumper cars. They have dual joysticks and the base of the cars is LED illuminated. This is one ride that is enjoyed by kids and adults equally.

Virtual Rabbids: This concept has been launched in India for the first time. It is a ride which combines virtual reality and makes it fun for kids and families to enjoy together.

Family Bowling: Bowling has been a favorite in our family and we just have too much fun every time, we go out for bowling nights. The bowling arcade at TimeZone is termed as Family bowling,
because even they understand that bowling is best enjoyed with family. The bowling area uses latest graphics and animations which makes bowling even more fun.

Fruit Ninja: The game that I really enjoy playing on my cell phone, takes a bigger and better avatar at Timezone. My nephew had too much fun cutting the fruits. And I was happy to see him smile.

Prize shop: The Prize shop at TimeZone games is one of the best I have seen lately. It has a huge gamut of exclusive merchandize that comprises of home decor, plush toys, sports, utility products along with confectioneries and soft drinks.

Massage Chairs: One of the best thing that TimeZone has added are massage chairs. When parents run out of energy and kids don't, there are massage chairs that help parents relax and chill.

All in all, we really loved the entire experience and realized that we haven't had so much fun together after a very long time.

I think this is a perfect place to host birthday parties as they have a dedicated party area. In fact I would even love to host Raksha Bandhan or family get-togethers here, as this place has something fun for every age group.

Have you visited Timezone yet? If not, we recommend you totally should.

About TimeZone India:
Timezone India is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Entertainment and Education group (TEEG) based out of Australia which operates centres at 250 locations across 7 countries. Timezone has 26 stores currently in India located within all the leading malls like Inorbit Malls, Korum Mall, Phoenix Market City etc and is expected to open a total of 32 stores by end of 2018.
P.S. ​"I've shared my experience at the revamped Timezone  ​Inorbit ​Malad​ in association with BlogAdda"


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