Saturday 25 August 2018

Life Lately...!

Hey Everyone!
Today I am sharing some big news on the blog.
I delivered a baby girl last August!

And as you would expect, life has been so busy.
The word 'BUSY' post Motherhood has a totally different meaning.
And while our heart has been full with all the love and affection, the blog definitely took a backseat during the last year.

I had it all planned and had a full week to schedule my future blogposts before I went into labor. But guess what, the baby decided to come in a week early. And all the planning went for a toss. So the most important lesson that motherhood taught me...
Go with the flow. Don't over plan!

And hence, time and again I like to repeat this profound thought by Harivansh Rai Bacchan to myself.
Mann ka ho to Accha
Mann ka na ho to Jyada Accha...
Kyunki fir wo ishwar ke mann ka hota hain
Aur Ishwar aapka accha chahega.
It's good if things work out as per your plan.
But it's better if they don't work out as per your plan,
Because then they are as per God's plan...and God will always want the best for you. :)

So what does that mean?
It means lots of Motherhood and baby posts coming your way, whether you like it or not.:)
Till then I leave you with a few pictures I had clicked last February in Goa. I was 12 weeks pregnant then. Hope you like them.

Outfit Details
Saree: Limeroad
Pearl Necklace: Dresslink
Pearl Bracelet: Daiso Japan
Sunglasses: FastTrack


  1. Oh congratulations sweetheart!!! Enjoy every minute of it ***hugs***

  2. Karishma Lakdawalla26 August 2018 at 11:44

    Finally it's on the blog! Congratulations once again ❤️

  3. Nice and Perfect looking saree..



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