Sunday 19 August 2018

Palam Silks launches Folklore Collection by Sunita Yogesh

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Early this year, I had introduced you all to a brand that I had really fallen in love with.
Palam silks had launched their Concert Collection for the Margazhi season, and I was totally floored.

Palam has been imperative in giving a launchpad to weavers to showcase the designs. The thought behind their annual fashion show “Silkline” is more about adding a face to every saree that is featured on the ramp. Every weaver is formally felicitated on stage and this veneration has kept them motivated, to choose this art over an urban job chase.
Now they felt, they need to recognise young designers to explore their designing skills on kanjeevarams. This project was always in the pipeline, and so they started off with their in-house designer who has been working under the shade of Palam for the past 5 years- Sunita Yogesh.

SunitaYogesh, is the daughter of Jeyasree Ravi of Palam Silks. A Chartered Accountant's degree and MBA from IIM did not stop Sunita from pursuing her passion for design and art. She pursued surface pattern designing course from Central Saint Martins in London and also worked with artisans from Rajasthan on the traditional art of hand block prints. Folklore is her first collection, designed and executed in Kanjeevaram under Palam Silks.

Design Inspiration behind Folklore:
Folklore has been inspired from lost indian artworks and architecture. There are motifs that have been popular with kanjeevarams specially for decades. For instance, the paisley, checks and peacocks. But the knowledge about the roots of those designs is pretty scarce. So they wanted to create a design palate based on the creations of rural artisans without any formal education. Sunita wanted to create a design palate to the most traditional fabric of south Indian that is inspired from rural creativity of all platforms, not just apparel.

As of now they have worked on 6 exclusive designs for the collection. All 6 are exclusive in their demeanour. The most noteworthy aspect of all the designs is modernity inspite of traditional design decorum. After the entire set of designs were translated to kanchipuram silk, the designer, Ms SunitaYogesh, completely lost the starting point of her thought process. Train of thoughts that began with dissecting india’s creative genes spread from the fabric to even architecture, rural landscapes and even culminated to chalk art on the floors of rural homes. 

This collection that sprang from knotting silk and motifs in silk threadwork was the foundation of the collection. However, a simple communication with the master weaver led to the collection being a traditional silk and zari-motif saree. A collection that was meant to glorify thread weaving testified zari’s dominance on a kanjeevaram all over again.

Scroll down to see the glorious collection.

Folklore was launched in the most prestigious Vogue Wedding Show where eminent designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani and Anita Dongre feature their latest creations. Jeyasree Ravi &  Sunita Yogesh shared the space with them, representing kanchivarams from South India.


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