Tuesday 2 October 2018

Ishanvi - The Story behind our Daughter's Name

Hey everyone. Thank you for all the love and comments on my last post. It really means a lot.
I am writing today's post because I don't want to forget how we picked our daughter's name. After a lot of arguments, we picked the name Ishanvi for our daughter.
But how did we finalize it?...Scroll down if you really want to know.

All my life, I have loved the idea of naming a person. The fact that you get to choose a name that will be associated with an entity throughout their life,
really fascinated me. I have suggested names for my cousin's babies and even pets.
For the longest time, I wanted to have a pet dog, because I want to name him Ranveer.
In fact I have even named my soft toys. One was Samrat, the other one Vikramaditya and the third one was called Aasma.
Yup...I was that crazy.

SO,the bottom line is, I wanted a baby of my own so that I could name him/her.
But when the time came to name our baby..the story was completely different, because
a) the father of the child had similar dreams like me..n wanted to name her too.
b) my postpartum blues were at its peak, which made me feel that my husband was totally unfair and mean for wanting to name our baby.

The story goes like this, even before we knew if I was having a girl or boy, I had decided that if I have a girl, I would name her Ira.
Fast forward to our baby's delivery day. The moment my husband picks our baby in his arms, he announces, he wants to name her Khushi; because holding her in his arms had filled him up with so much joy and happiness.
You would think...Awww...!
But I was thinking...WHATTTT???

I clearly told him..that's not happening. And he said...we will talk about it later.
After a few days when I came home, the feeling actually started sinking in. We had to finalize a name for our baby sooner or later.

Since I was staying at my parent's home after my delivery, every day when my husband came over to meet us, we had arguments.
I hated Khushi and he hated Ira.
He didn't like the names that I liked and vice versa.

Traditionally as per our family culture, we name the baby on the 12th day of her birth. So after discussing for almost 10 days, going back and forth, husband and I decided that we will name our baby Raahii....meaning traveler/explorer.

I really liked the name and started dreaming of our baby traveling and exploring the world. So, this was two days, before the official naming ceremony, and exactly on the same day, an American colleague from work emails my husband asking him, if we had picked a name for our baby, and my husband replied that we were still thinking over it.

And this is what he replied...
"OK..make sure the name embodies Beauty, Courage and Strength!"

After reading it, my husband called me instantly and said we have to rethink the name that we decided for our baby. When he forwarded me the email, my reaction was...OMG! That is so profound and thoughtful.
I have always believed that the name of a person, plays a huge role in shaping their personality. And I really want my daughter to be strong, brave, independent and dependable.
And so, we put on our thinking caps again.
One Indian Goddess that really embodies all these qualities is Goddess Parvati/Durga.
So we started looking for names of Goddess Parvati/Durga and stumbled upon Ishanvi.
We took less than 10 minutes to finalize it. And the rest is history.

I hope Ishanvi, our daughter loves her name more, after she hears this story.


This is our baby's naming story. Tell me about yours.


  1. Such a cute naming story this is. I am sure Ishanavi will love to read it and will love her name.. love to you both.

  2. You are a great story teller!! btw, I wish you would have told me this story earlier, i loved the name Raahi too, it would have been in my list for sure, but my husband would have still picked Samaira for our baby :) Ishaanvi would love her name and embody all that it means proudly. She has a great mom to learn from. :)



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