Monday 12 April 2021

Gudi Padwa during Lockdown

Gudi Padwachya Hardik Subhecha!!!
Happy Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa is the Marathi New Year and has a huge significance in my life as I am Marathi.
As a child, I had always envisioned my adulthood celebrating festivals in a traditional and organised way. After failing for almost a decade, I have accepted the fact that I am happy with whatever I do or don't do. Can't really feel bad for t
hings that are out of my control.

For example, this sudden lockdown due to the surge in Covid cases.
Matlab, I
have hardly stepped out of the house this entire year, and now I have to do the same for probably one more year. But, what can you do, other than just accepting it and taking it in your stride.

It also made me realize, that it always takes a lockdown to get me back to blogging and I am not complaining about that.
So, I took my traditional outfit pics in advance for t
he Gudi Padwa post, coz on the day, I might probably be just in my ghar ki nightie.
But I am making sure t
hat there is good food at home and Ishanvi does some activity related to the festival.

About t
he outfit, I am wearing my mom's saree and MIL's jewellery. This is what I call striking the perfect balance. I was looking for my Nath everywhere before the shoot but couldn't find it and hence had to skip it. I am just glad I could find my crescent moon bindi on time.
The pearl potli clutch as been my best purc
hase from PerfectCutt.
I literally carry it wit
h all my traditional wear.

And last but not t
he least, please take care everyone. Stay home whenever possible, wear your mask, take regular steam, drink your haldi doodh and also eat your Chyanwanprash.

Hope you have a good Gudi Padwa.

Outfit Details:
Saree: Borrowed from Mom
Jewellery: Borrowed from MIL
Potli Clutch: Perfectcutt


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