Tuesday 22 January 2013

Categorily speaking...

The other day when I was speaking to a friend, and I told her about my blog, she said: Oh..so you are a fashion blogger now!
And I was like... when did I say fashion? I just said blog. It's a personal blog where I share my interests, the things I like/dislike or anything and everything that catches my interest. She tried to defend herself by saying: Isn't your blog named So-Saree?..it has to be fashion. What else?
And my answer was pretty simple. I follow a blog called Pineapple-ish (http://pineapple-ish.blogspot.in/-) does that mean the owner can blog only about fruits..?? ROFL. That was a ridiculous explanation. But I think it worked. ;)

Categorising was one thing I hated throughout my life.
Society categorises you all the time…
on the basis of financial position, educational qualification, dressing style, your language, caste, creed, nationality... the list is endless.
I feel categories create divide and limits your avenues. Hence should be avoided.
And now that I am on this topic, let me clarify a little about So-Saree.
Even though the name suggests saree, this blog is much more than that. The name was chosen, considering my obsession with sarees, and don't be surprised if tomorrow I start writing about beach wear, home decor or even vodoo for that matter..(ok..the vodoo was just too much..but..who knows?)

Speaking of voodoo, the other day I saw the trailer of the movie: Ek thi Daayan. It is so amazingly shot, that I was completely spooked. I can't wait for it's release.

Have you seen the trailer yet?



  1. That was such a sweet comment you left me!:)
    Love your blog as well, following you now..




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