Wednesday 23 January 2013

Makar Sankranti.

Ok..I know..I am too late on this one. But better late than never.
Happy Sankranti to Everyone.
A little gyaan to start with. I promise it won't be long. {That’s how you lure people to read your entire post. ;)}
Makar Sankranti is celebrated during the Hindu month of Magh. This is in the month of January. It is one of my favourite festivals, as it is only during this Hindu festival that wearing Black is considered auspicious. Cool na! I am not too sure, but of what I know, black is worn on this day because black sesame is considered auspious. Another reasoning behind it can be that Sankranti comes at the peak of the winter season and black colour retains and absorbs heat, helping keep warm.
The day prior to Makar Sankranti is called Bhogi. On this day people clean their house and indulge in domestic activities with their family members.
What I do differently on this day is that I add some sesame seeds to my bathing water and wash my hair. Though there is no scientific reasoning behind it, (or even if there is ...I am not aware of the
same) it is believed that this ritual is supposed to keep you away from diseases and ailments through out the year. In other words, a person who does not do this, will be a Rogi (diseased one) during that year.
Okay! I do religiously follow this ritual, but that is because I love following traditions, and I do fall
sick too. I also know people who have never even heard of this ritual and manage to stay hale
and hearty during most times of the year. So you can take the reasoning behind this ritual with a
pinch of salt. Now Food! How can Indian Festivals even be complete without the mention of food?
This day a special vegetable preparation is made which is referred as the Bhogi chi Bhaaji. My
mouth is watering even while I type this. ;)
{For recipe see here:}

Anyways coming back to Makar Sankranti, this is how I do the puja. This may not necessarily be the correct way, but this is how my mom does it and now I follow suit.
Two earthen pots, black (Large) and red (small) also known as Sugad are used in the puja. Hence,
the puja is also referred as the Sugad puja. On these pots, 5 vertical lines are drawn with your fingers dipped in haldi (turmeric) and kumkum (vermilion) one after the other, overlapping on each other. The black (larger) pot, is placed on the dais you wish to perform the puja on and filled with 5 different types of nuts. I usually use dry fruits, as it is easily available. But traditionally people use Harbhara, Moong, Pieces of sugarcane, etc.; basically fresh produce from the farms, since it is a harvest festival.
On top of the black pot, the Red pot is placed and it is filled with Tilgul laddoos. There the Basic Puja
set up is done. Now you can decorate the Sugad with flowers and rangoli, the way you like and begin
your puja.
                                                This is how my Sugad Puja Looked.

I chant the Ganesh Aarti first, followed by the Durga Aarti and finish the puja with a small prayer.
(where I ask for endless stuff..(heehee)..being greedy in your prayers is allowed, and I take full
advantage of it.)
After that I seek blessings from elders, offer them til gul ladoos wishing them..
Til Gul Kha aani God God Bola.(Yup, food again!)
Meaning: Til=Sesame. Gul=Jaggery.
Wiki Says: Tilgul is a colourful sesame candy coated with sesame seeds.
Til Gul Kha aani God God bola= Eat Tilgul and talk sweet. The under-lying thought in the exchange of Tilguls is to forget the past ill-feelings and hostilities and resolve to speak sweetly and remain friends.

For more info about Makar Sankranti visit:

For the pooja I had worn a black saree and this is how I had accesorised.
Gift From S.I.L.
    Bangles: Local Store in Mumbai bought ages ago.
                                            Watch: D'signer. Gift From Sister.



  1. Ahem ahem... someone said they didn't have enuf time... Heehee...
    Lovely post Aditi. So informative. Only thing I tell people about sankrant is that you have loads of til ka laddu on this day.
    And yes I had never heard about the bathing-in-til water ritual. I don't do the puja (its my mom's forte) but I hog on the ladoos for sure. God still bless me please...
    P.S. Update your post please. I wish to see you in the black saree...pretty please...

  2. These are some interesting facts,I didn't know that much myself ! Love ur bangles and the whole puja set up !

  3. Love the earrings necklace set!:)
    As they say in Marathi, til gul kha, god god bola.


  4. Lovely accessories! How I miss the home made sweets or pithas of Makar Sankranti! My grandma used to make those delicious stuff!
    Thaks a bunch for stopping by and commenting dear!
    Started followig you now on GFC (Juneli#3)!

    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  5. Beautiful post and gorgeous blog! Love the pendant! Welcome to this amazing world! Actually, I have been really busy after coming back from India and could not do anything regarding blogging! WIll be back soon...

    <3 from:

    1. Thanks so much Oeendree. Feels great to be a part of the blogging world. Beautiful ppl like u inspire me n i hope to live up to the bar u guys have already raised.
      Waiting 4 ur next post.

  6. Heyy Aditi.. lovely post!
    and the accessories look so pretty! U get a lot of gifts, lucky girl! ;)
    Thanks for your comment dear! :)

    1. Thanks Shreeja. Yes..i do get a lot of gifts.

  7. Hey, I am here Aditi , as promised :) Lovely post and yes the accessories are awesome, especially the bangles :)

  8. i didn knew that we wear black on this day,

  9. Hey thanks i needed the puja thing and i was not able contact anything.

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