Thursday 31 January 2013

Get Personal..!

I don't like…(that’s not how you start your post, but at So-Saree we hardly pay heed to RULES ) So…where was I?
I don’t like when people get personal..! No one does..!

But there is one area where I make an exception. In fact I rather insist that people get personal.
Yes. Gifts, the best part about birthdays, anniversaries, house warming, and even getting married..! ;)
I am sure no one in this world does not like to receive them.

While there are a host of websites/portals enlightening (read selling) you on what to gift, I feel, we
as a gifter have a big responsibility. 
I had read somewhere that a gift is anything that makes the other happier or less sad.
So the test is pretty simple, if you feel your gift can make the other happy, or say less have hit the bull's eye.

I personally prefer personalised gifts...n rather predictably my house is filled with loads of them.
Come anniversaries/birthdays and I start surfing for the best personalised gifts I can get.
Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I wanted to do a post on ideas for Valentines Day gifts,
before it was too late. Here you go...

1) Travel Map: Download a world/country map and mark all the places you and your Valentine have travelled together with a heart, to commemorate your love. Get this framed, or put it up on your pin-up board/refrigerator/wardrobe, anywhere your partner can see it easily. You can also mark some
places as your to-visit wish list.(Just in case your partner needs help in planning your next vacation.
;) Ain't I smart?)

2) Scrap book: Create a scrapbook of all your fond memories and gift it to your Valentine. Paste pictures of your first date, vacation, concert, etc. The scrapbook I made for my husband has pictures of how we first met, my first rose, first concert tickets, our first holiday etc.
It was like a walk down the memory lane and my husband still treasures it.

3) Dance together: Enroll in a couple dance programme. This way, you not only learn a new dance form and work some calories off, but you also enjoy some intimate moments with your loved one. 

4) Holiday together: Cliché! But works wonders. Check out for offbeat locations and kill the monotony.

5) Poet: I agree, very few are born Shakespeare or should I say Kalidas, but that should not stop you from penning down a few lines for the special person. The rhyme can be ridiculous, but the feelings have to be pure. It works wonders..believe me.

6) Singers: If you are not good with words, say it with music. Our Bollywood lyricists have already left us a huge and rich legacy of romantic songs. Pick any song, and make it your own.

7) Romantic Dinner: If you are not a poet or a singer, don’t be disappointed. There are many things
money can't buy, but for everything else, you can always empty your pockets. Get some
professional help and arrange for someone to sing your love a special dedication, while you enjoy a romantic dinner together.

8) Spa package: I love this one. Not too sure of my husband..but I often coax him into it. After all,
no one can/should turn down gifts.

9) Cook: If the way to a man's heart is thru his is the way to a woman's heart..! Cook
for your love instead of splurging on fancy restaurants. And be assured to be rewarded.

10) Gift your Own Self: More than anything else, your presence would be the best gift for your Valentine. So make sure you make time for the special one that day.

11) Picture/Photo Gifts: Ok..I was saving this for the last..coz..not sure about u guys..but m crazy about picture gifts.  They are unique, personalised and so much better. And I will not lie if I say that I have almost each of the below in my house: Gifted and/Recd. I have found an amazing site, where you can buy personalised gifts at reasonabe prices and they are good with delivery too. I can vouch for that. And No. They are not paying me for this post. (Not yet atleast) ;)
Check out my favourites:
>Pillow head:
>Artificial fabric rose with your pic printed on the petal:
>Magic cup with your pics. It's just a black mug until any hot liquid like tea or coffee is poured in -
that's when it shows off your favourite photos.:
>Bedsheet.Quilt with your pics printed:
>Photo Cake: For this you have to visit your nearest Bakery or Cake Shop.

 After all isn't life all about creating those special moments. So go ahead and surprise your Valentine.


P.S.: Feb also happens to be my birthday month. Inspired by the above post, if anyone wishes to
send me any gifts, please be informed that I shall not refuse. I can't be rude! NEVER! Even if I want to!

So what are you sending me?


  1. Wow! That's a lot of cool ideas! Will def try one or two :P

    1. Thanks Shreeja..! Let me know what ideas u tried.

  2. Great ideas Aditi... Thanx for sharing the sites too. Gonna try these for sure...
    Awesome Info Packed Post... Good going gal...

    1. Love u shivali..i was missing u soo much. m glad u r back.



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