Monday 25 August 2014 : Review

I am probably telling you this for the umpteenth time that I am the most technologically challenged blogger you would know.
If you had asked me a few months ago, if I shop online, my answer would have been an instant No.
Till then I didn't even know the concept of Coupons and Deal Codes.
But a very wise man (or so I would like to believe) read husband decided to finally place his hand over my head to pass on his invaluable knowledge and insight about shopping online and using coupon codes to his impertinent Student and/or Wife, whatever you may want to call.
Little did he realize that he was actually digging his own grave.(Evil Grin)

Jokes apart, after I started using coupons for shopping there was no stopping me. Even for the simplest of things I had to buy, I needed my laptop to search for the latest coupons.
My months of research has taught me that it is very essential to get coupons from trusted websites. This is because most websites who claim to be good do not disclose complete information. And there is too much of hidden information which you may fail to understand.

 When I was invited to review CouponzGuru, I was a little skeptical because it was a different site from which I normally shop for coupons. But I decided to give it a try.
The very first thing I did within 5 minutes of seeing the site was order a Dominoes Pizza from a coupon deal on CouponzGuru. 

 Buy 1 Get 1 free. that's a real sign of a Bhukkad. ;)

Now that my food plans were set, I could move on to more serious stuff.
One by one, slowly and steadily I started navigating through the site.
15 minutes later, I was hooked to the site. The more I looked, the more I wanted to see.

CouponsGuru believe in "A Penny Saved is Penny Earned."
I perceive it as Save your Penny to Shop some More. ;)

With an impending travel plan, I decided to check their Coupons.

Their Travel Coupon section is categorized on the basis of Vendors and Service.

First was the Flight booking. I quickly checked out their Domestic Flight Coupons section and was happy to find a deal apt for me in the first 5 minutes. CouponsGuru have deals from the best of travel guides like Yatra, Thomascook, MakeMyTrip, etc just to name a few.

Next came the Hotel Bookings. I visited
Hotels Bookings Coupons and was amazed at the number and variety of options that I came across. I really felt stupid for wasting so much money on hotel bookings in the past. But better late than never.

After I had zeroed down on the best travel deals for me, I decided to explore the site over critically. And this is my review:

First the Positives:
  •  Website Layout: Clean and Easy to browze with appropriate categorization.
  • Updated Deals: In most sites that I have seen, even the expired deals keep showing. I did a random check on CouponzGuru, and all deals were valid and real.
  • Feel: The Feel of the site is user friendly and engaging. 
Now the Negative:
  •  If I have to point out one bad thing about this site then it would be the excessive display of ads on the site. I feel these ads may actually take away its audiences away from the actual website.

Should You Try It? For sure.

Go ahead and give it a try..because I am sure,

Kahin na Kahin...
Koi na koi Deal..
Aap ke liye Bani hain...! :)

Some Deal.. Some Where... Is Made For You. :)


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