Friday 8 August 2014

When in Vegas... Las Vegas at Night

After strolling by the city during the day, we had a filling lunch and retired to our hotel room.
After catching up on some rest, it was time to get ready. In True Vegas style..A little black dress, high heels and red lips. Husband was amused by the effort I was putting up in getting ready, when I would be wearing a long coat over the dress to protect myself from the cold night in Vegas.
But like I always say..there are some things men will never understand.;)

So, we took off for our Vegas tour during the night.

Like I had imagined...It was Magical ..!
It seemed that the city had come to life..and everyone wanted to get a slice of the 'High Life'.
That night, everything was perfect..apart from my heels.
Wearing heels was such a wrong decision. When we reached our hotel, my feet were sore but my thrilled heart compensated for it.
We quickly crawled in our beds. Coz the next morning was going to get even bigger.
Husband had booked a bus tour to The Grand Canyon.
The excitement just refused to die off.
I wondered how I would sleep tonight...!

Anyways, here are some pics of our first night in the magical and flamboyant Las Vegas.

Tropicana - Our Hotel

Back to pavillion..after a long night on the Vegas streets.


  1. so true , men cannot understand the excitment
    have fun girl
    keep in touch

  2. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Vegas is magical! Have never seen a place quite like it.

    I wore denims and boots in Vegas (went there in Nov end) and everyone was in little dresses and heels. But hell, we walked from one end of the strip to the other and back. How was it going to be possible in heels? How did you manage it? I can't even walk from my doorstep to the car properly.

    1. hahah..walking for hrs in heels is still a skill i need to master, but m trying. But in vegas it was a rough ride.

  4. vegas is in my top wish list. Amazing pictures. Have fun :)


    Bong's Belleza

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  6. Awesome pics! Las Vegas is such an exotic place! I so want to go there :)

  7. Nice pics. Vegas seems so much fun. Hubbys never understand why we spend so much time dressing :)



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