Monday 4 August 2014

Happy Friendship's Day Everyone

Hey guys..Happy Friendship Everyone.
I know I am a little late..but like I say...Better Late than Never.

I think Friendship's Day excites me more than my Birthday....okay that's a little exaggerated...but u get the idea.. right???

I have time and again claimed on my blog about my gorgeous friends and how lucky I am to have them. And though I am a little worried about jinxing my good luck with friends I am ensuring I put a Kala Tikka on all my friends to save me and them from any probable evil eye.

Last year, I had come up with a list of friends from the blog world. And keeping up with the tradition I have decided to post pics of my new and fabulous friends from the blog world that I made over the last year.

So here we go.
Heena of Icynosure
I like to call her my mentor. She doesn't just encourage me, but literally pushes me to test my limits as far as blogging is concerned. I call her any time of the day to bombard her with my blogging queries. She will guide me on how to deal with PR's of Brands and she gets me invited to almost all the interesting events in Mumbai which I unfortunately cannot make up to. I owe her big time and this post is just a little thank you to this wonderful lady. U rock girl...and I hope this post gives me the liberty to harass u a little more.

Richa of Urban Mantra
She is like an angel who watches over you. Encouraging, supportive, inspirational and utterly sweet. We haven't met each other, but I already feel a bond so strong with this gorgeous woman. She likes almost all my updates on So-Saree, votes for me in the bloggers contest unconditionally and is traveling to India soon to meet me. Right Girl? ;) What else would you ask of a friend?

                                                 Oeendree  of The Doc n Diva

Oeendree has featured on So-Saree before and she is no stranger to you. I followed her blog even before So-Saree was born. I was always in awe of her. She was just too beautiful and just too artistic. When So-Saree published its first post, Oeendree was sweet enough to comment and encourage me through her sweet words. This has not changed even today. But was has changed is our girly gossip sessions on FB chat. Right from blogging to everyday whining, we have it all covered. Can't wait for our next chat girl. Miss you too much.

Debi Of Flysongbird
Debi is the coolest girl I have known. She is confident, artsy, fashionable and yet so chilled about all of it. Her writing style is so matured and profound that I always feel she is an old soul trapped in a young body. But the most important of all, she is a friend I trust. A Friend I am so proud to call my own.

Seepika of Savoir Style
I met Seepika through her blog and I just cant believe how well we have connected. I admire her fashion sense and she is sweet enough to keep checking on me and So-Saree through FB or Twitter. Thank you Seepika for being such a wonderful friend, and I so hope we can meet soon.

Rosh ...what should I say about her. Vivacious, chirpy, intelligent and plain gorgeous. She was one of the major reasons why I attended the Kama Bloggers meet. I hate to travel alone, and it was only because Rosh consented to travel with me that I decided I would go to the Bloggers meet. From the moment we met, we were like a house on fire. We just kept talking non-stop throughout the journey. When it was time to depart, we had so much more to talk. Hope we can catch up soon and finally finish all our important conversations.

And finally,

Manisha of Mani Matters
Manisha is Family first and Friend later. She is married to my husband's cousin and we are the only Maharashtrian daughter in laws in our Kutchi family. No points for guessing, we hit it off from day one. Every family function we meet, we take the liberty to royally ignore everyone and chat non stop in marathi. is such a stress buster. Apart from that, she also happens to be the biggest supporter of So-Saree and I can proudly say, that Manisha was sweet enough to allow me to decide the name of her Blog. :)

Here's to all the Gorgeous Ladies, and here's to all the wonderful friends in my Life.
Happy Friendship Day Everyone.


  1. Happy Friendship Day to you too! Yes, we'll definitely meet next time I visit India :) It's amazing how you can make good friends through the blogosphere.


  2. A very very Happy Friendship's Day to you gorgeous. I'm so glad to have met a gorgeous soul like yourself who I connected to without trying.
    Am so glad to be in the company of all these gorgeous women, thank you tons.
    PS... I'm always just a phone call chat ping away.

  3. Happy Friendship Day, Aditi :)
    Thanks for including me in the list above. It was great fun meeting you and seeing in real life how beautiful you are! And you are right, we did get along like house on fire :D
    Hope we can meet up again soon and continue our chat ;-)

  4. Awwwww! Aditi thank you so much! You are friend whom I treasure too! You have been so inspirational supportive encouraging to thedocndiva! Love u so much my friend! Smooches!

  5. Awww!! That's such a sweet thing to do! Glad you found some great blogger friends <3

    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!



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