Tuesday 5 August 2014

When in Vegas ...Vegas By the Day.

Whoa..that was a long break from Our America Series. But I am hoping, I will be regular from now on...I HOPE..! ;)
So...where was I....?

Our second weekend in America, was booked too. We decided to go to Las Vegas.
I was thrilled. When I told my colleagues of our Vegas plan, they seemed to be more excited than me, and this got me even more excited.
So after I got tired of being excited, the day finally arrived. We had booked an early morning flight to Las Vegas.

We reached quite early and it was broad daylight. We left our bags in our hotel and started touring the city during the day. Everything about this city was just as I had expected.
Big, Flashy and Pompous.
And this was when the fun had not even started.
Seeing Vegas during the day was an experience in itself and I seemed to enjoy every bit of it.
At the Airport
At the Airport
Journey from the airport to our hotel
We are in Vegas..!


Stay Tuned...To see Vegas ..when it comes to life.


  1. Beautiful pictures Aditi! Why can't we see your beautiful face aditi! That's not fair!

    1. Thnks Oeendree..u will soon see my face...pretty soon. ;)

  2. Aah Vegas is my dream city! !😊😊



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