Sunday 18 January 2015

Get. Set. Bolt.

Tata is a name I grew up with. My Father worked with the Tata Group for almost a decade.
And almost 70% of the things that we used at home were Tata products.

Our first car was a Tata Indica and my husband's first car, a Tata Manza.

This wasn't a mere co-incidence.
Both my families have immense trust and respect for the Tata group.
Though we have been talking about the Make In India campaign only for the past few months, the Tata group was a pioneer in supporting this ideology decades ago.

So, when I heard about the Tata Bolt activity conducted by Blogadda, I did not take a second and registered for it immediately.
Driving is more than a hobby to me. The feeling of being on the wheel liberates me.
The car that I drove back in college and then at work, was a compact hatchback and the comfort it provided me, never allured me towards sedans.

Post marriage, I had to settle for a sedan, and though sedans have their own advantage, I miss the freedom I feel, while driving hatch back cars.
Their compact designs make it easy to manouvre, park and to speed off.

No wonder, when I had the first glance of the Bolt I was floored. It was just like the car I would have loved to own.
Compact, smart and plain gorgeous. And the fact that it came from the House of Tata was an additional brownie point.

A premium hatch back car with looks that scream perfection, Bolt is a car of today's times.

I am confident, it's compact and functional design will make it a favourite with one and all.

The Bolt offers multi-drive feature where you can switch to different modes as per your requirement. You can use the sport mode when you are in a mood to speed off on the freelanes, the city mode for your regular everyday drive and the eco mode when you want to drive on a fuel efficient mode.
The Bolt comes in petrol and diesel options and the petrol version comes with a Revotron 1.2 engine that gives you an exceptional driving experience.
After I had checked out the Bolt from outside I sat on the rear seat of the car first and I was surprised with the kind of leg space it offered. What surprised me even more was when I saw that the Bolt had collapsible rear seats, which can be used as a makeshift bed during long drives. Perfect for families traveling with kids. Also the rugby shoulder seats make it a relaxing drive for all.

The Bolt offers the ConnectNext Touchscreen infotainment system by Harman that is touchscreen and has connectivity features like the advanced voice command recognition and smartphone enabled navigation from MapMyIndia.

And last but not the least, the Bolt comes with the 9th generation ABS by Bosche, corner stability control and dual air bags. A car that is stylish and that gets a big thumbs up from me. 

And for all those who are still not convinced, click on this click and book a test drive now.

“This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.”.


  1. hey friend, i love your bag

  2. I would love to drive bolt!

  3. Loving your blouse. You are looking awesome in the black saree! And the Bolt looks gorgeous.

  4. Nice post. Love your saree and the leopard print hand bag



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