Wednesday 28 January 2015

The Mystery Girl

Time and again I have been asked on my blog, why I crop my face from my pictures?
I have always dodged this question, so I thought why not answer it in this post.
So here I go...
1) I am not good looking enough.

2) I don't have to worry about looking good while taking outfit pictures. No concealer, no lipstick... I chop my face anyways. Saves me a lot of efforts.
3) Cropping my face, creates a certain kind of mystery around me. The cropped face could that be of any angel with a halo, or a devil with horns. Who knows..?
And now, if you think I am bordering into non-nonsensical stuff, cut the crap and scroll down to the pictures.
This polka dot top is one of the most used item in my wardrobe. I teamed it up with a black brocade skirt and faux leather boots.
The pearl necklace and the clutch complete the look.
Clutch:  Boots: Walmart


  1. i like the rocker chic outfit, so in love with the clutch
    keep in touch

  2. super girl, never thought that we could save up on that make-up, clever though.
    U go polkas.

  3. I love ur polka dot top!! pretty n mystery gal!!

  4. I love your skirt dear
    I'm already following you back on GFC and on G+ too

  5. Hi dear! Aww I love polka dots..and your shirt is so gorgeous! I'm now following you on gfc and waiting to follow me as well.Have a nice day! Kisses

  6. A lot of bloggers try to flaunt their pretty faces to attract more readers (no offence to them at all) but my point here is that in spite of cropping yr face off readers love to read your blog. So thats a big thing girl! And I think u r pretty enough :) ♡♥♡

  7. Very very cool! Love this. I am assuming this was taken when you were in the US?
    And now, to reply to some of the things you said above -
    - you are not good looking??? :-O .. I have met you and know that you are lovely and photogenic!
    - Agree with the fact that you would not need concealer and stuff .. but dear, you dont need it! To understand, read point above :D
    - Totally agree with the mystery woman thing. So go ahead and crop ;-)
    Loving your clutch, BTW.

  8. Okay, you can be angry at me or anything. But Aditi, I want to see your face. I do. I want you to smile and pose. i want you to know that you are beautiful. I don't care if you call me arrogant, I want you to be there. Someone like me would be really happy if you come out. You do not have to put on any make up. Be who you are.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!



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