Wednesday 13 May 2015

So-Saree Readers Speak - Sonali

Today the person who features on So-Saree's Readers speak section is my best friend Sonali. You have read about her here. She is the most regular reader and biggest encourager of So-Saree, and so I wanted her to feature on my blog for the longest time. So here, you go. Be ready for an excessive dose of hyperboles and exaggerations, because come on...she's my best friend.
I love Sarees but not as much as reading So-Saree! I am not an avid reader but I love reading So-Saree as it keeps me connected to my long distance friend Aditi. I have known Aditi for 8 years now and have always admired her writing and conversational skills. Her impulsive nature and witty jokes crack me up. I call her the epitome of beauty and brains, and to top it up is a great sense of humor. Okay..sounds like I’ve been bribed to say this but I do mean it.

I knew, if Aditi ever decided to write she would do wonders with her writing. It’s no surprise to see her fan following on the blog. So-Saree clearly reflects her personality; interesting, vivacious and addictive. I like the fact that the blog does not only talk about sarees but many other interesting topics.  My favourites are the recipes and the Indianfestivals/rituals. I must admit that I hardly knew the reasons behind these rituals and traditions, so I make sure I read these carefully
. I love reading the travel posts and the bloggers posts. I admire all her blogger friends for the talent and skills they have which is also reflected in their blogs. My all-time favorite So-Saree post is the first one about Aditi’s ‘Aai and the Wedding anniversary post ‘Opposites Attract’. I love the way she uploads so many pictures to keep the posts interesting.
Did you know, the first ever saree that I bought was for Aditi's wedding in December 2010. Earlier I had always worn my mom's sarees.

To sum it all, I am stunned by the dedication Aditi shows towards the blog.
You are unstoppable Aditi! I wish So-Saree good luck and may it keep educating (people like me) and entertaining others for many years to come.


  1. hi sonali , girl u look really beautiful in saree and i like the little beads in your hai
    completely agree, So Saree covers such interesting topics
    Keep in touch

  2. I want to see more of that bluee saree :) Lovely post.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  3. Nice post Sonali. We enjoy reading So-saree posts as much as you do and yes especially those with rituals.

  4. she looks pretty....

  5. She is beautiful. And such a sweet post. And everything she says is quite true, Aditi. I love your style of writing :)

  6. Nice Pretty look. looking simple and awesome



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