Thursday 26 March 2015

#Together We Had So much Fun

On my blog, I have written a lot about my mom, my sister, my husband and my in laws.
But there's one person who I have hardly mentioned.

She is my best-est buddy ..Sonali.

Sonali and I studied in the same college, but we didn't even know each other then.
We met through common friends post our graduation. 
But we hit it off really well when we joined the same organization.

Sonali was the quintessential Miss Congeniality and me...the ever guarded and too snobbish saree lover.
We were a match made in heaven.
She brought spontaneity and craziness to our relationship, while I brought the unnecessary maturity.

Today she is thousands of miles away from me in London, but whenever I need her, she is right there for me..
There are so many special moments that we have shared #together, but the most memorable one, was our trip to Hong Kong in 2010.

Tired of work and our monotonous lifestyles, we both were looking for a change and taking a vacation #together was the best idea we came up with.

Both being Disney fans, we were adamant about visiting Disneyland. But our meager savings wouldn't allow us to go to Paris or USA. So we decided on the next best destination.. Hong Kong.
We booked a short 4 day trip to Hong Kong and off we went..

We did so many things together, visited the Victoria Peak and the Madame Tussaud museum, relished the local cuisine, went photo frenzy at the beautiful beaches and on the cruise apart from sharing the same hotel room and shopping our hearts out at the local night markets.
But the best part was yet to come.

Our day #together at Disneyland was the best. From wearing Minnie hairbands, to going around in carousels, enjoying the Golden Mickey show or clicking pictures with Disney characters...everything was so much fun.
Today our busy lives hardly allow us time together, but I am glad we made the most of it when we could.
Today, whenever I feel low and depressed, I go into flash back mode.
I think of Sonali and of all the things that we did together. Dinner at fancy places, our shopping trips, slumber parties, our long drives, our gossip sessions or personal heartfelt conversations.
All these memories bring so much joy to me. It gives me the vigor and optimism to take life head on and face it. too believes in the power of optimism and the power of #together.
A small nudge or a big push .. it is the power of two that makes dreams come true.
Because together is a wonderful place to be and together we are so much stronger.


  1. such a cute post!

  2. aww, you girls look cute
    keep in touch

  3. We sure did have so much fun!! Lovely post and thanks for the introduction!

  4. So cute :) And you are so lucky to have had a girl trip to Hong Kong! Hope you get another one with Sonali soon :)

  5. Loved this post and the pics. I can relate this to my life too



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