Monday 10 August 2015

My Best Friend's Wedding...A Pictorial Presentation

Hey Guys...So today I am here to share another post from the So-Shaadi series.
I know I drifted a bit from the So-Shaadi series, but I am back now.
A few months ago, my best friend got married to her long time buddy, and I couldn't have been happier for them.
A Marathi Mulgi married a Himachali Chokra and what followed was a beautiful amalgamation of two different cultures into one. :)
So today we have a pictorial presentation of my Best Friend's Wedding. :)
Scroll down and enjoy.

The morning before the wedding.

 The Bridal Entourage awaits the Groom and the Baraat. 

 The Baraat arrives in style.
It's time to welcome the Dulhe Raja (Groom) with some nose pulling. ;)
 Meet the Mother in Laws the changing room. The Bride gets Ready.

 The Bride's friends help her get ready...or say, just act for the cameras. ;)
The Sassy Bride is finally ready

And the cameras start clicking again.
The Dulha joins his Dulhaniya in the act....And they pose some more.
This time the Saalis (Bride's sisters) join their to-be Jiju
It's finally time for the wedding to begin. The Groom is brought in the Mandap by his family.

Now comes the Bride.


Meanwhile the Bride's sister and cousins are able to steal the Groom's shoes.

Mission Accomplished..!
It's time to make the Dulha's wallet a little lighter. :)

It's now time for the Reception.
Giving some finishing touches to the Man of the Day.
And while the Saalis wanted to take their favourite Jiju home, the Bride somehow is able to save him for herself.
 Because their Happily Ever After has Just Begun. :)


  1. Lovely pictures

    Love Vikee

  2. beautifully captured! the couple is drop dead gorgeous I must say!

  3. The pics r beautiful! Awesome couple!

  4. Aww its so fun attending best friends wedding :(
    She looks beautiful Aditi..

    Thanks for Sharing
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