Wednesday 5 August 2015

Wishes Do Come True.... #AbHarWishHogiPoori

I have always thought of India as a land of festivals and holidays.
We have a festival to celebrate anything and everything.

We have Guru Poornima for the teachers, Children's day for children, Karwa Chauth for husbands and wives, Raksha Bandhan for brothers and sisters, etc. 

When I read Bhumika's post where she was contemplating gifting the all new Motorola Moto 360 Smart Watch to her husband, I was so tempted to buy something for my husband and surprise him. But then I thought I do that too often.

As I was browsing through some of my favourite shopping portals online, I came across some Raksha Bandhan deals and offers. And a thought struck me. I thought …so what if I don't have a brother. I do have someone more special in my life, someone who has been like a protective wall for me and a guiding light; someone who has pampered me silly with expensive gifts without a reason and someone, who has done more for me than any brother must have done for his sister. 
My Pillar..My Sister!
I am talking about my elder sister, my Didi.

So on the eve of Raksha Bandhan I have decided to tweak the tradition a little bit, and gift my sister something that will not only make her happy but I think will fulfil at least one of her wishes.

You already know, how influenced I am by my Mom's saree style, but I have never told you that in my growing up years it was my Didi who shaped my fashion choices. As a young girl, I would often fall prey to ever changing trends and she would pull me back and emphasize on timeless beauties and style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Gayatri Devi.

If it wasn't for her, I am very sure So-Saree would have been a compilation of tacky sarees and style. So if you love So-Saree, now you know who you should thank. J 

So coming back to Raksha Bandhan, my sister and I are a huge fans of Bengali sarees. The Taanth and the Jamdaani are our weakness. So a few months ago, my sister told me that she was looking for a two toned Jamdaani saree, and she had searched so much, but couldn't find one for herself.

After months of research and browsing, I unexpectedly found something on that I know would fit the bill completely for my elder sis.

I am sure she will love it, and every time she wears it she will remember how special she is to me.

Who needs a brother when you have sister like mine and who needs a genie, when you have . Kyunki with Flipkart #AbHarWishHogiPoori.

Do you like this saree? And what are your plans for Raksha Bandhan this year?


  1. Lovely post sweetheart <3 May your wish come true :)

  2. Amazing idea! What a great gift for your sister! If you ever come to Kolkata I'll take you taant and jamdani shopping! :D

  3. Aww I know the feeling since I do not have a brother and my mavas bahini are who I grew up with in the same house never considered them cousins ! Love the sentiment

  4. So beautiful! I can totally relate to this as I also dont have a brother. After getting inspired by your post, I am going to celebrate this rakshabandhan in your style :) Thanks so much Aditi! You are my inspiration for so many things I have started doing in my life. Love you !!!



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