Monday 14 December 2015

Organic beauty starter products - Guest Post

Guest Post by Elizabeth Harper. (Elizabeth is a content writer for, an online fashion wholesale website.)

Everyone wants to do their bit to help the environment. We are told that this normally revolves around greenhouse gas emissions from factories, cars and industry, and that the best way we can help to curb our carbon imprint is through recycling and using public transport. There are, however, smaller and more subtle ways in which we can reduce our impact on the environment, and this involves all makeup and beauty lovers. Whilst mainstream brands, which use a host of artificial ingredients and preservatives in their produces, seemingly have a monopoly on advertising, there are actually hundreds of beauty products out there that have been sourced sustainably and are 100% natural and organic. These offer the same high-quality finish that we have come to expect from mainstream brands but are significantly better for your skin, thanks to their high concentration of naturally occurring nutrients, and have a much more environmentally friendly in their production and manufacturing. It’s hard to leave behind products we know and love, so we at would like to introduce you to some basic beauty products that we all know and love but that are clean and green to use.


Mascara is one of the most popular beauty products around, with many returning to their favourite brands time and again to find the perfect formula to lend volume and drama to their lashes. Many mainstream mascara brands contain silicones and artificial colourants which can be extremely irritating to your skin: considering how close mascara comes to your eyes, some of the most precious organs in your body, we need to be sure to take care of them properly. Living Nature is an innovative cosmetics company combining the best technology and scientific know-how with nature to create products that are high performing and beneficial to your skin and the environment. This 100% natural mascara contains natural extracts such as Halloysite clay, Manuka honey and jojoba to create a bold and smooth mascara, which not only produces bold eye looks but also nourish and protect your lashes.


Another beauty staple and go-to no matter the weather or occasion is lip gloss. Not only does lip gloss add a charming pop of colour to any ensemble you’re wearing, whether it’s night or day, it can also help to moisturise your lips, some of the most sensitive areas of skin on your body. We love this gloss from Intelligent Nutrients, which is certified organic by USDA and uses ingredients that promote sustainability, fair trade and are ecologically sound. This active antioxidant lip gloss is full of complex oils and extracts that nourish your lips, including coconut oil, shea butter, vanilla, cocoa butter, cranberry and red grape. The flavours are natural, the colours are natural and you can be sure that nothing artificial or physically aggravating is coming into contact with your lips and drying them out, as is the case with many leading mainstream brands. The handy plastic container will slip straight into your handbag, and will become indispensable to your beauty routine.

Nail Varnish
 Nail varnish is a classic makeup item that many of us have stacks and stacks of. It can provide a perfect complement or contrast for your ensemble, giving you a lift in cold wintry months or a pared back finish if the rest of your ensemble is loud and proud. Many, however, contain a host of chemical nasties in the form of formaldehyde, carmine and artificial colourants that can wreck your nails whilst also damaging the environment in production. Luckily, there are brands like Intensae that can provide natural and safe-to-use nail varnishes that are also fashion focused, offering colours and hues that are on-trend for each season. Ethical and innovative, Intensae’s nail varnishes are vegan and environmentally minded as well as high performance. We love this rich red shade in Intensae’s sophisticated bottle: it will look great paired with a cream turtleneck jumper, a fit and flair skirt, opaque tights and loafers.


  1. I was working to promote organic cotton on a platform and that is where I came to know about the huge benefits of organic products which most of us surprisingly do not know about.

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