Saturday 19 December 2015

Review: Jeane Claude Biguine Salon

Hair is the crowning glory of a woman.
While some believe that a woman's curves are what make her attractive, I have always believed otherwise.
I would always vote for hair as the sexiest feature of a woman.
People close to me know, how upset I get, on a bad hair day and how happy and elated I am, on a good hair day. And that is why I have been getting my hair cuts from the same beautician for the past decade. And I have never colored, permed or straightened my hair for the fear of harming them.
Because I just can't afford to mess my precious locks.

So when I received an invitation from the Jean Claude Biguine Salon & Spa to experience a Cut and Color or Cut and Care, I immediately picked up the cut and care, because coloring my hair is just not an option.
But after I confirmed my appointment with the Salon, I developed cold feet. What if they don't understand my hair? What if I don't like my haircut, or even worse, what if they cut my hair short. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..!
I couldn't bear the thought.
After talking to a few of my blogger friends and after saying a short prayer (yup...that's what I always do before I leave for a haircut), I left for the JCB salon in RCity Mall, Ghatkopar.
The Salon looked classy and chic....which was a good first impression. The moment I walked in and introduced myself at the reception, I was greeted with a warm smile and they immediately made me comfortable on a chair.
The warm Reception
I was then introduced to my hair stylist Chaya Patil.
Chayya checked my hair and immediately told me about my dry hair condition.
I couldn't agree more with her.
She asked me what kind of hair cut I wanted and I gave her a long list of my expectations and requirements.
Layers, fringes and DO NOT TOUCH the length of my hair.
She patiently listened to me with a smile and took me for a hair wash. She shampooed my hair and instead of a conditioner, applied a Keratin restoration mask to treat my dry hair.
Chaya gives my a hair a relaxing wash
Since I have been trying to grow the length of my hair for the past year, they have become dry and fragile on the ends, and hence to repair it, Chaya recommended Wella's Liquid Hair treatment.
I had already heard praises about this treatment from my blogger friends and hence asked Chaya to proceed with the same.
After my mask was washed, my hair was towel dried.
And Chaya started applying the liquid hair solution, to the ends of my hair and rubbed it for better penetration.
She then blow dried my hair so that the heat could help the solution penetrate better.
The Liquid Hair treatment lasts for upto 3-4 washes and leaves your hair silky and smooth. I could feel the difference in my hair texture with just one application.

Chaya then took me for a rinse and started my hair cut.
Chayya was swift and professional through out the hair cut. She kept talking to me, and confirming, if what she was doing was as per my requirements.
After the haircut was done, she blow dried my hair, and voila, I was transformed.
And the haircut was Purrfect!!! Just the way I wanted it.
The end result was more than what I had expected. Not only did the haircut transform my look, but the liquid hair treatment transformed my hair texture as well.
Before and After Pic

My review:
Haircut priced at INR 1900.
A little overpriced, but the results were totally bang on. The Professionals at JCB give you what you want and you won't be disappointed.
Liquid Hair Treatment priced at INR 1500.
Though my hair is naturally smooth and shiny, the fact that I have been trying to grow my hair for the last one year, has made it dry and limp on the ends. The liquid hair treatment definitely put some life into my hair with just one application.
Chaya, my stylist had said that this treatment would last for a couple of washes.
I have washed my hair thrice after the treatment, and my hair still feels soft and shiny, even on the ends.
The only flip-side about this treatment is that it didn't involve any massage. So I didn't feel pampered, but my hair surely did.

Would I recommend this place to my readers: Hell..Yeah!!!
Do find the nearest JCB salon and visit it today.

P.S. The JCB salon provided the services to me free of cost, but the opinions expressed here are completely unbiased.


  1. I have always been in love with your hair :)

  2. so pretty hair

  3. Lovely hair!
    Take a look at my blog ;)

  4. I fell in love with your hair the very first time we met. Cant agree more that hair is the crowning glory of a woman. Love your new hair cut :) I want to try it out next time I am in Bombay :)

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous! The treatment looks like a good option and is considerably better priced...I dont know if I would spend that much on a haircut though! :D

  6. you really are this hairstyle! it seems to me well-framed face and forehead fell so beautiful bangs!

  7. The result seemed very good to me, so I will definitely take advantage of all your advice.

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