Tuesday 22 December 2015

Seal Beach, California

The weekend trip to Vegas had tired us too much. So we decided to take the weekdays a bit lighter.
The best thing that I like about California are the Beaches. (after the weather of course)
I am a Piscean and a Self Proclaimed Beach Lover. Nothing makes me happier than walking on the  beach. And in California I was in for a treat. You will bump into beaches every few miles, and they just can't get any prettier. Though we couldn't visit all, but we got a sneak peek into many, while we were driving. It was the most surreal experience.
We had reserved some of our evenings during the weekdays, for relaxing on the beaches.
By relaxing I meant taking pictures, but then there are some things husbands never understand..Wot say? ;)



Outfit Details:
Top and Boots: Walmart
Bag: Limeroad.com

Jacket and Denim: Local shop in Mumbai
A relaxed and functional outfit to protect me from the chilly winds on the beach. The Pink Bag was the only fashionable aspect of the outfit. Or so I think..!


  1. The beach looks gorgeous...such a stunning sunset!

  2. I love the long pier...and your neon clutch 😊

  3. loved ur look and the beach. Relaxing means taking pics period. Lets make the husbands understand this fact.

  4. Seal Beach sure looks like a great place for a walk, and yes who doesn't love beaches.

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche -



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